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Packages for the simulation of the Summit XL, Summit XL HL and Summit-X (including X-WAM) robots
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Packages for the simulation of the Summit XL



Launch files and world files to start the models in gazebo


Launch files that launch the complete simulation of the robot/s

Simulating Summit XL

  1. Install the following dependencies:
  • summit_xl_common link

  • robotnik_msgs link

  • robotnik_sensors link

    In the workspace install the packages dependencies:

    rosdep install --from-paths src --ignore-src -r -y
  1. Launch Summit XL simulation (1 robot by default, up to 3 robots):
  • Summit XL:

    roslaunch summit_xl_sim_bringup summit_xl_complete.launch
  • or Summit XL Steel:

    roslaunch summit_xl_sim_bringup summit_xls_complete.launch

    Optional general arguments:

    <arg name="launch_rviz" default="true"/>
    <arg name="gazebo_world" default="$(find summit_xl_gazebo)/worlds/"/>
    <arg name="omni_drive" default="false"/> (only for Summit XL)

    Optional robot arguments:

    <!--arguments for each robot (example for robot A)-->
    <arg name="id_robot_a" default="summit_xl_a"/>
    <arg name="launch_robot_a" default="true"/>
    <arg name="map_file_a" default="willow_garage/willow_garage.yaml"/>
    <arg name="localization_robot_a" default="true"/>
    <arg name="gmapping_robot_a" default="false"/>
    <arg name="move_base_robot_a" default="false"/>
    <arg name="amcl_and_mapserver_a" default="false"/>
    <arg name="x_init_pose_robot_a" default="0" />
    <arg name="y_init_pose_robot_a" default="0" />
    <arg name="z_init_pose_robot_a" default="0" />
    <arg name="xacro_robot_a" default="summit_xl_std.urdf.xacro"/>
  • Example to launch simulation with 3 Summit XL robots:

    roslaunch summit_xl_sim_bringup summit_xl_complete.launch launch_robot_b:=true launch_robot_c:=true
  • Example to launch simulation with 1 Summit XL robot with navigation:

    roslaunch summit_xl_sim_bringup summit_xl_complete.launch move_base_robot_a:=true amcl_and_mapserver_a:=true localization_robot_a:=true
  1. Enjoy! You can use the topic "${id_robot}/robotnik_base_control/cmd_vel" to control the Summit XL robot or send simple goals using "/${id_robot}/move_base_simple/goal"
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