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Building developer tools for Rust

Building developer tools for Rust

Our Mission

We help developers in building data intensive applications in Rust, whether they are web services (GraphQL, gRPC, REST), command line tools or apps.

Our Vision

In the long term, we want to support all open source SQL, NoSQL, and NewSQL databases, providing a uniform developer experience to transaction processing, stream processing and other data engineering work.

Our Values

Community driven. Embrace the async Rust ecosystem. Welcome developers from other languages.

Our Commitment

We are committed to nurturing the next generation of open source developers. We provide internship experience tailored for university students - Seaography and StarfishQL are both excellent projects developed by interns under SeaQL.

Our Community

Your participation is what makes us unique; your adoption is what drives us forward. Thank you all in the Rust community for making SeaQL what it is today. You are also invited to shape it's future! Please star our repos, every ⭐ counts!

Our Sponsors

We’re immensely grateful to our sponsors. Osmos, for their gold-tier sponsorship and trust in the tools we develop. Digital Ocean, for sponsoring our servers. And JetBrains, for sponsoring our IDE.

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors is an independent open-source organization run by passionate developers. If you enjoy using our libraries, a small donation will be greatly appreciated, and goes a long way towards sustaining the organization.


  1. sea-orm sea-orm Public

    🐚 An async & dynamic ORM for Rust

    Rust 6.4k 452

  2. sea-query sea-query Public

    🔱 A dynamic SQL query builder for MySQL, Postgres and SQLite

    Rust 1k 169

  3. seaography seaography Public

    🧭 GraphQL framework for SeaORM

    Rust 350 31

  4. sea-schema sea-schema Public

    🌿 SQL schema definition and discovery

    Rust 175 37

  5. sea-streamer sea-streamer Public

    🌊 A real-time stream processing toolkit for Rust

    Rust 223 7

  6. FireDBG.for.Rust FireDBG.for.Rust Public

    🔥 Time Travel Visual Debugger for Rust

    Rust 1.2k 18


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