Analyst VM

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Full-time analysts should install Security Onion in a VM on their workstation. Run through the Ubuntu installer, but you do not need to run our Setup wizard since the analyst VM won't be sniffing any live traffic. This gives you a local copy of Wireshark, NetworkMiner, and our customized Sguil client. Launch the Sguil client and connect to the IP/hostname of your production Sguil server (you may need to run so-allow on the server to allow you to connect). This allows you to investigate pcaps without fear of impacting your production server/sensors.

Screen Resolution

To change the resolution of your Security Onion VM:

  • click the menu in the upper left corner
  • click Setttings
  • click Display
  • choose your desired resolution

If you prefer a CLI method for changing screen resolution, you can use xrandr. For a list of available screen resolutions, simply execute xrandr. To set the screen resolution (replace W and H with the actual Width and Height desired):

xrandr -s WxH

If you have limited screen resolution options, you may need to install the Virtual Tools for your virtualization solution. For example, this can happen if you're running VirtualBox and you'll need to install the VirtualBox Extensions.

Ultimate Forensics VM

Want an analyst VM that also includes forensics and reverse engineering tools from SANS SIFT and Remnux? See Brian Kellogg's Ultimate Forensics VM:

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