Example Projects built with ServiceStack, C# RedisClient, OrmLite, etc
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#Example Projects built with ServiceStack, C# RedisClient, OrmLite, etc


Download the tarball:


or clone this repo to download the source:

git clone git://github.com/ServiceStack/ServiceStack.Examples.git

Live Demos

Live demos and tutorials are available at the following locations:

Backbone.js TODO app with REST and Redis backend

Backbone REST and Redis TODOs

Creating a Hello World Web service from scratch

ServiceStacks Hello, World!

GitHub-like browser to manage remote filesystem over REST

GitHub-like REST Files

Creating a StackOverflow-like app in Redis

Redis StackOverflow

Northwind dataset services

Redis StackOverflow

Other examples


  • Since the example project uses 32bit Sqlite.dll, on a 64bit machine you must set IIS to run 32bit apps (in the App Domain config)