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Forumactif Edge

What is "Forumactif Edge" ? Forumactif Edge ( or FA Edge, FAE ) is a new modern and responsive forum theme for Forumotion forums, that is like an entirely new forum version in itself. It comes ready with numerous plugins and best of all it's responsive, so you can browse on your mobile device without any problems !

What does Forumactif Edge offer ?

  • Modern mobile-friendly design.
  • Smart automated control panel that assists you with installation and other tasks.
  • Dynamic theme selector so your members can browse in the color they prefer.
  • Side panels for widgets and quick navigation so your forum has maximum space and accessibility.
  • Automatic color coding of posts based on usergroup affiliation.
  • Built in counter for reputation votes.
  • and more...

Forumactif Edge will constantly evolve because it's open source and managed by the community. That means we'll take feedback, suggestions, and reports from the community -- that's right, your voice can shape the future of this project ! If you'd like to install Forumactif Edge on your Forumotion forum, please see the wiki link below which includes detailed instructions on how to install the theme along with additional information on Forumactif Edge that's constantly changing.

Not ready to install yet ? No problem ! Take a look around, check out the FAQ and previews below, or visit our website to learn more about what Forumactif Edge has to offer !


Do you have any questions or concerns about Forumactif Edge ? If so, feel free to check out our FAQ page or contact us by opening a new issue ! (requires github account) We're always ready to answer your questions ! 😉


You can find various previews of the theme below. Click here if you'd like a live preview of Forumactif Edge.

Mobile Preview : Forumactif Edge is responsive, so that means it's mobile friendly ! Don't believe it ? Check out Google's Mobile-Friendly test !

Feature Preview : Forumactif Edge comes with a theme changer that allows your members to browse in the color of their choice, and to give your forum maximum space it docks widgets to a side panel !

Full Page Screenshots

Click any of the links below to see a full page screen shot of Forumactif Edge in action.

Desktop Mobile
Homepage Homepage (Mobile)
Topics Topics (Mobile)
Forumactif Edge Control Panel N/A