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Forumactif Edge is full-featured, right out of the box. Providing you with a handful of plugins for everyday foruming. See the list below to find out what features are included in the base-installation of Forumactif Edge.

Feature List

Collapsible Sticky Widgets

Widgets are stored in a side menu that's always at your finger tips. Giving you easier accessibility and a more spacious forum.

Quick Navigation

The navbar follows you as you scroll, so you never have to scroll back to the top of the page.

Dynamic Theme Changer

Change the theme on the fly with our theme selector, that allows your members to change the color of the forum to the one they prefer!

Dark Mode

Turn the lights off for some late night browsing, and make things easier on your eyes. Dark Mode gives your members the power to change the lightness of the forum!

Vote Counter

Like or Dislike posts without ever having to change the page. You can also see how many votes a post received!

Color Coded Posts

Posts are colored based on the usergroup a member belongs to, making it easier to know what group they're in.

Copy Code

Just click the "Copy Code" button on the codebox and you're done, the code is copied! Perfect for programming-oriented forums.

Toggle Category

Forum too cluttered? No problem! Just click the header of a forum category to collapse it, so it takes up less space.

Image Resizer

Our image resizer quickly resizes large images to keep your forum nice and tidy.

Thanks Message

When the author thanks a post, a message will automatically be displayed on that very post for everyone to see who gave the best answer.

Active Navigation

Draws a line on the currently active navigation item, so you know what page you're on!

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