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Release Notes for SPFx Package Version 1.5.1

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What is New in This Release

1.5.1 is mainly a bug fix release to address few regressions which were introduced in the 1.5 release. Here's the included fixes with the 1.5.1:

  • Fixed the issue in the yeoman generator that blocked you from creating different types of components in your package
  • Changed the visibility of some SPFX APIs to move them to Beta (and will now appear in the typings when you use the -plusbeta versions of the packages. The APIs added to the --plusbeta packages are:
    • TimeZone information off of the Site and User context objects - [#1953]
    • DigestCache and IDigestCache is available - [#2017]
    • The AadHttpClient constructor is available - [#1964], [#2001], [#2093]
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