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SharePoint Framework v1.9.1 release notes

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Release notes for SharePoint Framework 1.9.1

Hello, and welcome to SharePoint Framework Release 1.9.1!

This is a minor release that sees the Library component moved to General Availability, and the tooling move from WebPack 3 to WebPack 4. There are some minor changes in support for the Teams SDK as well.

What's changed?

  • Library Components are now generally available and supported for shipping code (not just preview)
  • We've moved our tooling to Webpack 4. There shouldn't be a noticable change in how you use the tooling, and many webpack plugins should work. However, if you modified the webpack step, you may need to update your changes to webpack 4.
  • The Teams SDK has bumped to version 1.4.2 which has support for Vanity URLs.
  • We've added an sdks property on the webpart context where we will start to host specific application SDKs. Teams is the first one. We've marked the previous .microsoftTeams API as deprecated (but it will continue to work).
  • We've removed the previously deprecated (and never GA'd) GraphHttpClient from the API. Code using it will still work for the short term, but you should migrate your code to the public / supported / GA MSGraphClient class.

Changes to the service

  • We continue to improve the admin experience around approving API requests in the service.

How to migrate from 1.8.2 to 1.9.1:

  1. Update package.json and change all the references from 1.8.2 packages and have them reference 1.9.1
  2. Run npm install

If you are doing this to existing solution which you had already executed install command, it's recommended to fully delete the solution specific node_modules folder.

Found some issues?

Please do report any issues you might find to the sp-dev-docs issue list, so that we can help addressing them. Thanks

What happened to 1.9 release?

There was an issue around local workbench with the 1.9 release, so it was pulled and now replaced with 1.9.1 release. Issue was not critical, but as it caused confusion, we wanted to ensure that usage is smooth without any additional hacks or other adjustments.