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SharePoint Framework v1.8.2 release notes

Andrew Connell edited this page May 8, 2019 · 2 revisions
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Release notes for SharePoint Framework 1.8.2

Hello, and welcome to SharePoint Framework Release 1.8.2!

This is a minor patch release that mostly focuses on build and tooling issues, with some changes to the scaffolded projects and APIs.

What's fixed?

  • The microsoftTeams property on the web part context is now in the Public API, not just the beta API. (#3826).

  • Fixed the issue with out of memory exceptions during the webPack phase of a build. We've bumped the tools to use the latest version of WebPack 3 (#3679).

  • Updated the build tools to use versions that don't have as large footprint in node_modules. Expect 50-150 MB less used storage.

  • Updated the generator to use the updated tooling, SPFx version 1.8.2, and rush-stack-compiler-2.9. Feel free to use a different version of rush-stack-compiler if you need a different typescript version. The number after the final '-' is the version of typescript that will be used. Remember to update your tsconfig.json file to reference the correct rush-stack-compiler.

  • For the react scaffolded projects, we now explicitly add office-ui-fabric-react version 6 to package.json. We were finding a common pattern where people were not adding OUIFR to package.json, but were using it.

    • Because it wound up in the node_modules because of downstream dependencies, the solution would compile, but later on when the solution was upgraded to use a different version of the framework, a different version of OUIFR would suddenly get used.
    • In general, using packages like this (via shadow dependencies) is a bad thing. You are more than welcome to remove the reference in package.json if you are not using OUIFR in your solution, or change the version if needed. We also bumped the typings for react and react DOM to match the versions of React / React DOM.
  • Support for Node.js 10. Node 8 is still supported, but will be removed in a future release.

Updates that have rolled out to the service

  • App pages can be created through the "add a page" user interface - See video at

  • Mobile and native apps will correctly authenticate to external web APIs like Microsoft Graph or 3rd party APIs registered through Azure Active Directory.

Updates that are rolling

  • We continue to fix issues around extensions in modern lists and libraries. We realize that we need to improve the stability in this application.

  • Improvements to the authentication of WebAPIs, both in terms of performance as well as stability (particularly around the multiple accounts).

  • Improvements to isolated web parts (working in Teams, issues around authentication problems when using multiple isolated domains).

  • Improvements to the SharePoint administration API management page (avoiding duplicate and redundant rows).

  • Fix an issue where the DynamicDataSharedDepth property would not work with 1.8.1 (#3820).