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@Sharpjaws Sharpjaws released this 21 Mar 17:22
· 143 commits to master since this release

Fixed a NPE when not specifying if a timer is active or not.

Added some player checks for player is authencicated.

Fixed all PirateSK worldguard syntaxes beign completely broken.
PirateSK's [(wg|worldguard)] [all] wg regions in %world% is no longer a single value and will be recognized as a list of regions.

[(wg|worldguard)] [all] members of wg region %string% in [world] %world%
[(wg|worldguard)] [all] owners of wg region %string% in [world] %world%
[(wg|worldguard)] [all] flags of wg region %string% in [world] %world%
[(wg|worldguard)] flag value of flag %string% of wg region %string% in [world] %world%

Added LogBlock support
Logblock queue block (1¦break|2¦place|3¦replace) from %player% at %location% [with previous block %-itemstack% and new block %-itemstack%]