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@Sharpjaws Sharpjaws released this 30 Jul 22:24
· 35 commits to master since this release

SharpSK (Minor update):
You can now get event-timespan from a timer tick event

on timer tick:
       event-timespan // returns the timespan works for both tick and normal timers

Added a new event:

on (remote|rcon) (server|console) command:
     event-string: the command

Updated some PermissionsEx syntaxes to have offlineplayer support

New changed PEX effects:

pex (remove|delete) perm[ission] %string% from %offlineplayers%
pex add timed perm[ission] %string% to %offlineplayers% (duration|for) %timespan%
pex add perm[ission] %string% to %offlineplayers%
pex add group %string% to %offlineplayers%
pex (remove|delete) group %string% from %offlineplayers%

Fixed the following syntax not working with piratesk installed:

sharpsk paste schematic %string% at %location% [exclude air %-boolean%] [rotate [by] %-number% [degrees]]