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OpenAPI Logo ShipEngine™ OpenAPI Definition

This repo contains the official OpenAPI 3.0 definitions for the ShipEngine API. You can use these definitions with any of countless OpenAPI tools to generate sample code, tests, mock servers, etc.

Which file to use

Depending on your preferences and/or tooling, you may choose to use one or more of the following files:

Path Description
openapi.yaml The entire ShipEngine OpenAPI definition, in a single YAML file. This file uses $ref pointers to reduce duplication and keep the file small and fairly human-readable.

Some OpenAPI tools don't support YAML or don't support $ref pointers, so you may need to use the openapi.json file instead.
openapi.json The entire ShipEngine OpenAPI definition, in a single JSON file. This file does not contain any $ref pointers, which means it should work with any OpenAPI tool.

Other API Definition Formats

Redoc Logo

View the ShipEngine API definition online in your browser. This web page is generated from the OpenAPI definition using ReDoc.

Postman Logo Postman

The official Postman reference collection for ShipEngine. Just import it into Postman and immediately begin interacting with the ShipEngine API.

New to ShipEngine? Download our walkthrough collection instead.

JSON Schema Logo JSON Schema

If you need to validate API requests and responses, then you may want to use our JSON Schema definitions.