@DamianEdwards DamianEdwards released this Jan 24, 2014 · 487 commits to dev since this release

Bugs Fixed

  • Change default Service Bus topic count to 5 (#2797)
  • Restarting the connection after going offline fails in js client (#2778)
  • Setting jsonp with cross domain breaks websockets on cors-enabled browsers (#2768)
  • configurePingInterval does not properly check if there's an active pingIntervalId (#2739)
  • .NET Client - Connection Bugs - Release 2.0.0 (#2738)
  • ReflectedHubDescriptorProvider swallows exception (#2712)
  • signalr.exe crashes if a web application references certain assemblies (#2711)
  • Connection sometimes either takes many attempts to connect or dies immediately. (#2704)
  • JS Client - Hub Invocation callbacks are not cleared on failed ajax sends. (#2693)
  • Fix to protect against potential JArray foreach issue (#2691)
  • An item with the same key has already been added. (#2687)
  • Connection.Start in the .NET client re-initializes state variables regardless of the connection status (#2675)
  • awaiting a HubProxy.Invoke method makes the HubConnection.Dispose take 30 seconds to dispose (#2653)
  • Safari (IOS and osx) crashes when connected to websockets (#2650)
  • SB scale-out: with invalid format SB connection string, request for signalr/hubs pending forever (#2602)
  • Duplicate call to onReceived when a message is emitted during OnConnected (#2595)
  • WebSockets can attempt to send when in the "reconnecting" state, resulting in an exception. (#2582)
  • WebSockets transport pings the wrong server URL. (#2569)
  • Ping requests from JS client should not add connectionData query string value (#2568)
  • Protocol-relative connection url improperly detected as same-origin (#2557)
  • In JS client disconnected event connection state is still connected (#2554)
  • in ServiceBus scale-out, exception for unresolved endpoint is not handled and it will crash the process (#2542)
  • When ServiceBus scale-out use invalid connection string, it will crash the process (#2541)
  • calling connection.Stop() in a callback causes a deadlock on the client side (#2535)
  • C# Client - Always check for valid reconnect window before making a request in clients (#2528)
  • JS Client - Always check for valid reconnect window before making a request in clients (#2484)
  • Microsoft Platform Ready Test Tool complains that the dlls do not have a valid Product Name property (#2471)
  • Flow network response information to "parse error" use cases. (#2469)
  • Use unique connection groups in .NET 4 client per DefaultHttpClient instance (#2452)
  • Swallow some exceptions on the server so they don't get logged (#2450)
  • Scaleout SQL Server should emit error trace when failing to connect (#2441)
  • Unobserved exception in .NET client (#2405)
  • JS client attempts to fallback to other transports if WebSockets is exclusively specified even if server doesn't support WebSockets (#2294)
  • With ServiceBus scale-out, when call UseServiceBus at app_start return error like time out for connection, then all clients signalr/hubs request will return that error (#2091)
  • SCRIPT70: Permission denied in IE on reconnect (#1963)