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Latest commit 5aa0909 @jcfr jcfr Merge pull request #1197 from jbvimort/update-PickAndPaintExtension-m…

ENH: Update PickAndPaintExtension extension
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ABC.s4ext Update ABC.s4ext
AnglePlanesExtension.s4ext ENH: Update AnglePlanesExtension extension
CBC_3D_I2MConversion.s4ext COMP: Address a windows compilation error
CMFreg.s4ext ENH: Update CMFreg extension
CardiacAgatstonMeasures.s4ext ENH: Add CardiacAgatstonMeasures extension
Cardiac_MRI_Toolkit.s4ext Fixed build errors caused by VTK6 update.
CarreraSlice.s4ext removed dependence on openmp
ChangeTracker.s4ext update ChangeTrackerPy
Chest_Imaging_Platform.s4ext Fix lowercase and tested in Ubuntu Linux
CleaverExtension.s4ext ENH: Update CleaverExtension extension
CornerAnnotation.s4ext ENH: Update CornerAnnotation extension
CurveMaker.s4ext ENH: Update CurveMaker extension
DTI-Reg.s4ext ENH: Update DTI-Reg from revision 3a92f71bbfdd18f91b9f17325ccc90a2ee1…
DTIAtlasBuilder.s4ext ENH: Update DTIAtlasBuilder from revision b2f0d0e4f59202b44ba7de6cc90…
DTIAtlasFiberAnalyzer.s4ext ENH: Update DTIAtlasFiberAnalyzer from revision c70e82de464e35352e2c7…
DTIPrep.s4ext ENH: Update DTIPrep from revision 338927cf7392cf960af1071381dc8927e2b…
DTIProcess.s4ext ENH: Update DTIProcess from revision 8cd9ff04131fd2c7c7baaa64de6eee57…
DebuggingTools.s4ext Renamed PyDevRemoteDebug extension to DebuggingTools
DeveloperToolsForExtensions.s4ext ENH: Update DeveloperToolsForExtensions from revision 2620612 to 6bb3…
DiceComputation.s4ext Update DiceComputation
EasyClip.s4ext ENH: Update EasyClip extension
Eigen.s4ext Fix typo in Eigen.s4ext
ErodeDilateLabel.s4ext Update ErodeDilateLabel extension to fix build_subdirectory field. Th…
FacetedVisualizer.s4ext Issue #111 http accessible icon
FastGrowCutEffect.s4ext fixed complilation issue on Mac OS
FiberViewerLight.s4ext ENH: Update FiberViewerLight from revision be75412845af9fd9a52539d8fb…
FinslerTractography.s4ext Further updates to description of FinslerTractogrpahy
GelDosimetryAnalysis.s4ext ENH: GelDosimetry: Follow changes in Slicer core; Nightly extension w…
GraphCutSegment.s4ext bundle self test into GraphCutSegment extension
GyroGuide.s4ext BUG:Update the name of some functions to support VTK6
IASEM.s4ext Update IASEM extension
ImageMaker.s4ext Fix compilation error on mac
IntensitySegmenter.s4ext ENH: Update IntensitySegmenter from revision 13 to 14
LAScarSegmenter.s4ext fix a description file error
LASegmenter.s4ext update LASegmenter: fix an identifier error in windows build
LightWeightRobotIGT.s4ext Update LightWeightRobotIGT
LongitudinalPETCT.s4ext update LongitudinalPETCT
LumpNav.s4ext Added new extension: LumpNav
MABMIS.s4ext Update MABMIS.s4ext
MarginCalculator.s4ext add Margin Calculator extension.
MatlabBridge.s4ext ENH: Updated MatlabBridge version
MeshStatisticsExtension.s4ext ENH: Change repository location for MeshStatisticsExtension
MeshToLabelMap.s4ext BUG: Remove new line characters in CMake variables
ModelClip.s4ext add ModelClip extension
ModelToModelDistance.s4ext ENH: Update ModelToModelDistance from revision ecb3fd7fbaa1e8157f83ca…
NeedleFinder.s4ext update Needlefinder after Winter project week 2015
OpenCAD.s4ext BUG: OpenCAD CMakeList directory reference
PBNRR.s4ext ENH: Add Physics-Based Non-Rigid Registration
PET-IndiC.s4ext update PET-IndiC
PETDICOMExtension.s4ext update PETDICOMExtension
PETTumorSegmentation.s4ext update PETTumorSegmentation
PercutaneousApproachAnalysis.s4ext ENH: Update PercutaneousApproachAnalysis extension
PerkTutor.s4ext Update PerkTutor extension. Add PythonMetricsCalculator module for co…
PetSpectAnalysis.s4ext Version updated for CARS.
PickAndPaintExtension.s4ext ENH: Update PickAndPaintExtension extension
PkModeling.s4ext update PkModeling
PortPlacement.s4ext updated PortPlacement: Fixed script loading error
Q3DC.s4ext ENH: Update Q3DC from revision 18e3f14 to 4831f93c472a5434925dc64b677… Remove obsolete "manual" and "dashboard driven" build section
RSSExtension.s4ext BUG: fixed the bug in RSS extension that surface only evolve in one d…
Reporting.s4ext update Reporting
ResampleDTIlogEuclidean.s4ext ENH: Update ResampleDTIlogEuclidean from revision 5b110a6fb94f54e1998…
ResectionPlanner.s4ext ENH: Add ResectionPlanner extension
SPHARM-PDM.s4ext ENH: Update SPHARM-PDM from revision d674cd6a6d149d8eda37587c68cf7330…
Scoliosis.s4ext A new module is added to the Scoliosis extension.
SegmentationAidedRegistration.s4ext BUG: fix windows compilation bug, see detail
Sequences.s4ext ENH: Sequences modules uses latest master revision
ShapePopulationViewer.s4ext ENH: Update ShapePopulationViewer from revision a57b738eecf1d049ea32d…
SkullStripper.s4ext Update SkullStripper.s4ext
Slicer-AirwaySegmentation.s4ext ENH: Update Slicer-AirwaySegmentation extension
Slicer-TrackerStabilizer.s4ext ENH: Add Slicer-TrackerStabilizer extension
Slicer-Wasp.s4ext ENH: Update Slicer-Wasp extension
SlicerExtension-VMTK.s4ext ENH: Update SlicerExtension-VMTK extension
SlicerHeart.s4ext Changed SlicerHeart extension category to Cardiac
SlicerIGT.s4ext Updated SlicerIGT extension version
SlicerProstate.s4ext update QIICR extensions
SlicerRT.s4ext ENH: SlicerRT nightly now builds the current master of its repository…
SlicerToKiwiExporter.s4ext ENH: Update SlicerToKiwiExporter extension
SobolevSegmenter.s4ext Update SobolevSegmenter.s4ext
SwissSkullStripper.s4ext update SwissSkullStripper
T1Mapping.s4ext add T1Mapping
TCIABrowser.s4ext Update TCIA Browser
ThingiverseBrowser.s4ext Add Thingiverse Browser extension
UKFTractography.s4ext Updating UKFTractography extension icon
VolumeClip.s4ext Updated VolumeClip
WindowLevelEffect.s4ext ENH: update WindowLevelEffect
XNATSlicer.s4ext Transferring repo
boost.s4ext Add boost
iGyne.s4ext ENH: Update iGyne extension
mpReview.s4ext update mpReview

Slicer Extensions Index


Think of the ExtensionsIndex as a repository containing a list of extension description files (*.s4ext) used by the Slicer extensions build system to build, test, package and upload extensions on an extensions server.

Once uploaded on an extensions server, within Slicer, extensions can be installed using the extensions manager.

An extensions catalog provides Slicer users with a convenient way to access the extensions previously uploaded on the extensions server:

The following diagram depicts how extensions catalog, extensions server, CDash and the slicer factory interact.

Build instructions




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