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Slicer extensions index
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Merge pull request #911 from fbudin69500/update-ShapePopulationViewer

ENH: Update ShapePopulationViewer from revision 64e7e4f86b0357445d9d374f...
latest commit 7b95e006bb
Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin jcfr authored
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ABC.s4ext ABC - Add svnusername and svnpassword
AirwaySegmentation.s4ext Extension generalized to non-supine chest CT datasets and to animals …
CBC_3D_I2MConversion.s4ext COMP: Address a windows compilation error
CMFreg.s4ext Update Pieper's LandmarkRegistration
CardiacAgastonMeasures.s4ext ENH: Add CardiacAgastonMeasures extension
Cardiac_MRI_Toolkit.s4ext Fixed build errors caused by VTK6 update.
CarreraSlice.s4ext removed dependence on openmp
ChangeTracker.s4ext Update ChangeTrackerPy
CleaverExtension.s4ext ENH: Update CleaverExtension extension
CornerAnnotation.s4ext ENH: Update CornerAnnotation extension
CurveMaker.s4ext ENH: Update CurveMaker extension
DTIAtlasBuilder.s4ext ENH: Updated DTIAtlasBuilder from revision 3c44cf904758bce17c93a18f07…
DTIAtlasFiberAnalyzer.s4ext ENH: Switching DTIAtlasFiberAnalyzer from NITRC (svn) to GitHub (git)
DTIPrep.s4ext ENH: Update DTIPrep from revision 6d9fdc556d5b20be7ab6bd141bf7a187ab7…
DTIProcess.s4ext ENH: Update DTIProcess from revision b08f236377a9c523cfd09adf1bf4fbf4…
DiceComputation.s4ext Update DiceComputation
Eigen.s4ext ENH: Add extension description for Eigen library
ErodeDilateLabel.s4ext Update ErodeDilateLabel extension to fix build_subdirectory field. Th…
FacetedVisualizer.s4ext Issue #111 http accessible icon
FastGrowCutEffect.s4ext fixed complilation issue on Mac OS
FiberViewerLight.s4ext ENH: Switching FiberViewerLight from NITRC (svn) to GitHub (git)
FinslerTractography.s4ext Further updates to description of FinslerTractogrpahy
GelDosimetryAnalysis.s4ext ENH: GelDosimetryAnalysis 0.2.2: Use updated gamma comparison; Added …
GyroGuide.s4ext COMP: Re-organize module directories
IASEM.s4ext Update IASEM Extension
ImageMaker.s4ext Fix compilation error on mac
IntensitySegmenter.s4ext ENH: Update IntensitySegmenter from r12 to r13
LAScarSegmenter.s4ext fix a description file error
LASegmenter.s4ext update LASegmenter: fix an identifier error in windows build
LightWeightRobotIGT.s4ext Update LightWeightRobotIGT
LongitudinalPETCT.s4ext update LongitudinalPETCT
MABMIS.s4ext Update MABMIS.s4ext
MatlabBridge.s4ext Updated MatlabBridge to 0.13.0 (adding 4D image data support and Matl…
MeshToLabelMap.s4ext ENH: Update MeshToLabelMap from revision b20c79e853ca40f00b3130b4f288…
ModelClip.s4ext add ModelClip extension
ModelToModelDistance.s4ext ENH: Update ModelToModelDistance from revision 9c35ae2f336652b2ebf8b1…
MultidimData.s4ext BUG: Fixed MultidimData build error
NeedleFinder.s4ext update Needlefinder after Winter project week 2015
OpenCAD.s4ext BUG: OpenCAD CMakeList directory reference
PBNRR.s4ext ENH: Add Physics-Based Non-Rigid Registration
PETDICOMExtension.s4ext update PETDICOM
PETTumorSegmentation.s4ext update PETTumorSegmentation; fixed cmake issues leading to packacking…
PercutaneousApproachAnalysis.s4ext ENH: Update PercutaneousApproachAnalysis extension
PerkTutor.s4ext Update PerkTutor extension. Add PythonMetricsCalculator module for co…
PetSpectAnalysis.s4ext fixed homepage url
PkModeling.s4ext update PkModeling
PortPlacement.s4ext Updated PortPlacement extension revision to remove testing buttons fr…
PyDevRemoteDebug.s4ext Updated PyDevRemoteDebug: fixed homepage and icon URLs Remove obsolete "manual" and "dashboard driven" build section
RSSExtension.s4ext BUG: fixed the bug in RSS extension that surface only evolve in one d…
Reporting.s4ext update Reporting
ResectionPlanner.s4ext ENH: Add ResectionPlanner extension
SPHARM-PDM.s4ext ENH: Update SPHARM-PDM from revision 170cc9205152327bf5d4557852450bae…
Scoliosis.s4ext A new module is added to the Scoliosis extension.
SegmentationAidedRegistration.s4ext BUG: fix windows compilation bug, see detail
ShapePopulationViewer.s4ext ENH: Update ShapePopulationViewer from revision 64e7e4f86b0357445d9d3…
SkullStripper.s4ext Update SkullStripper.s4ext
Slicer-AirwaySegmentation.s4ext ENH: Add Slicer-AirwaySegmentation extension
Slicer-Wasp.s4ext ENH: Add Slicer-Wasp extension
SlicerExtension-VMTK.s4ext ENH: Update SlicerExtension-VMTK extension
SlicerIGT.s4ext Added new module to watch displayable nodes time stamps if they chang…
SlicerRT.s4ext ENH: SlicerRT 0.15.2: Automatic oversampling calculation for contour …
SlicerToKiwiExporter.s4ext Add SlicerToKiwiExporter extension
SobolevSegmenter.s4ext Update SobolevSegmenter.s4ext
SwissSkullStripper.s4ext update SwissSkullStripper
TCIABrowser.s4ext ENH: Update TCIA Browser
ThingiverseBrowser.s4ext Add Thingiverse Browser extension
TrackerStabilizer.s4ext ENH: Updated tracker stabilizer algorithm to avoid gimbal lock issues
UKFTractography.s4ext Further updates to description of UKFTractogrpahy
VolumeClip.s4ext Updated VolumeClip - fixed extension path
WindowLevelEffect.s4ext update WindowLevelEffect
XNATSlicer.s4ext Transferring repo
boost.s4ext Add boost
iGyne.s4ext ENH: Update iGyne extension

Slicer Extensions Index


Think of the ExtensionsIndex as a repository containing a list of extension description files (*.s4ext) used by the Slicer extensions build system to build, test, package and upload extensions on an extensions server.

Once uploaded on an extensions server, within Slicer, extensions can be installed using the extensions manager.

An extensions catalog provides Slicer users with a convenient way to access the extensions previously uploaded on the extensions server:

The following diagram depicts how extensions catalog, extensions server, CDash and the slicer factory interact.

Build instructions




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