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Media Session Master is a chrome extension that utilizes Chrome's MediaSession API in sites that don't fully support it.

MediaSession API allows you to pause & play media within Chrome's UI and extends to the systems ability to recognize media being played. (You can use the pause & play buttons on your F1-12 keys)


You can download the development branch here or the stable branch here.

Once downloaded, in order to load the package:

  • Extract the folder that is inside the ZIP somewhere special.
  • Head to the Extensions page (Chrome > Settings > Extensions)
  • Flip the Developer Mode switch on the top right of the screen.
  • Click Load unpacked on the top left and select the src folder from the folder you extracted.

Sidenote: Firefox

Firefox support is planned, however MediaSession API on Firefox is still experimental, and requires a flag to be checked. (See caniuse) At the moment, some sites such as Soundcloud are not working with the flag enabled and others may not work properly.


Contributions to the GitHub repository are greatly appreciated! Here's how you can contribute:

  • You can create an issue if you wanna report bugs, suggest features, or nitpick at grammar.
  • You can also create pull requests if you want to make features yourself! Make sure you push to the master branch and give a detailed description of your pull request!


Mostly inspired by Animal Crossing Music Extension, check it out! I use Chrome Bootstrap for the options page. Music Session Master is licensed under the zlib license.