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  1. starshell-wallet starshell-wallet Public

    TypeScript 15 3

  2. wasm-secp256k1 wasm-secp256k1 Public

    Minimal WASM binary of the latest libsecp256k1 C library, wrapped in an ultralight TypeScript API

    TypeScript 6 1

  3. WHIPs WHIPs Public

    Web3 Hardening Improvement Proposals


  4. prerelease-docs prerelease-docs Public

    3 1

  5. libauth-wasm-secp256k1 libauth-wasm-secp256k1 Public

    Forked from bitauth/libauth

    An ultra-lightweight, zero-dependency JavaScript library for Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, and Bitauth applications.

    TypeScript 3

  6. starshell-beta starshell-beta Public archive

    Wikitext 3 1


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