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SpiderOak, Inc.

Private, No Knowledge solutions, and the tools we use to build them.

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  1. Encryptr Public

    Encryptr is a zero-knowledge cloud-based password manager / e-wallet powered by Crypton

    JavaScript 1.6k 147

  2. SpiderOak HTML5 / Javascript / CSS mobile client application, rebooted

    JavaScript 99 26

  3. Like Python's ZipFile module, except it works as a generator that provides the file in many small chunks.

    Python 69 70

  4. is both a commercially available cloud storage service AND a free software project others may use and participate in.

    Python 61 20

  5. skeeter Public

    detect and publish postgres events on a zeromq PUB socket

    C 31 4

  6. Render react components in rust

    JavaScript 25 2


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