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Non-standard configs for Custom Asteroids
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This GitHub repository contains non-standard configs for the Custom Asteroids mod for Kerbal Space Program. These configs are shipped separately from the mod proper to keep them from being tied to the code's release process. Each file will say in its header what version(s) of Custom Asteroids it is compatible with.


This config for the Outer Planets Mod replaces the Kopernicus-based asteroid config that OPM ships with. Requires Custom Asteroids 1.6 or later.
This config for the Outer Planets Mod adds outer solar system bodies analogous to Centaurs, Kuiper belt objects, and periodic comets. Requires Custom Asteroids 1.6 or later.


Each config file can be downloaded separately. Place it in a directory of your choice in your KSP install's GameData folder. The names should be unique, so the files can go in GameData/CustomAsteroids/config/ without conflicting with other downloads.


Custom Asteroids is released under the MIT License. A copy of the license can be found in the file LICENSE in the mod directory, or online at

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