Goto Tab plugin for Sublime Text 2 Editor
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Lets you open tabs tab number # counting from the left in Sublime Text 2. See:

Package Installation

From the package manager (, this is listed under 'GotoTab'.

From Git:

  • Bring up a git-enabled command line in the Packages/ folder of your Sublime user folder, and execute the following:

    > git clone git://

Install manually:

  • Download this repository
  • Go to menu "Preferences" -> "Browse Packages"
  • There should be a lot of folders. Create a new folder called "GotoTab"
  • Put this repository into that folder


  • The default windows & linux key bindings set ctrl-1 through ctrl-8 as tabs 1 through 8, with ctrl-9 going to the last tab (as in common browsers)
  • The default osx key bindings set cmd-1 through cmd-8 as tabs 1 through 8, with cmd-9 going to the last tab (as in common browsers)


The plugin allows you to switch to the numbered tab via a key binding. Currently bindings are included for Windows and OSX.

After you have installed the plugin; an example of use, if you have 3 files open in 3 tabs, pressing ctrl+1 (windows) / cmd-1 (OSX) will switch to the first tab, ctrl+2/cmd+2 will switch to the second tab and ctrl+3/cmd+3 will switch to the third tab. ctrl+4/cmd+4 will do nothing until you have a fourth tab open.