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@TadasBaltrusaitis TadasBaltrusaitis released this May 11, 2018 · 179 commits to master since this release

A lot of changes:

  • A new facial landmark detection model - CE-CLM. Much more accurate model that is able to cope much better with profile faces
    • Training code for new models
    • Slightly slower than previous model, but previous models can still be used as well
  • A new CNN based face detector (MTCNN) that can detect faces in much more difficult scenarios and even at profile faces!
  • Both combined lead to better results on landmark detection, head pose estimation, gaze, and AUs
  • GUI better support for multi-face images (correct visualization, output fixes with face id)
  • GUI selection of face detector and landmark detector
  • bug fix with memory allocation in visual C++ bindings
  • Experimental evaluation on 300VW data
  • Experimental evaluation on IJB-FL data
  • Matlab hierarchical fitting has much cleaner and clearer code
  • A lot of code optimizations
  • Threading based input and output
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