Plugin Status not loading on initial ff startup, icon inside intuitive menu #17

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einst3 commented May 12, 2014

the QuickJava does not load plugin status on initial start up of Firefox 29.0.1 when the QJ is inside the intuitive menu area and not on ff navbar.

To Reproduce:
uninstall QJ and restart ff if installed,
reinstall QJ on latest Firefox,
restart ff,
customize menu buttons and drag QJ inside menu buttons area off of main navbar,
restart ff,
open menu button, plugin status are not set.

client settings:
W7 x64/32 w/latest updates, ie 10, ff 29.0.1


Unable to reproduce.

einst3 commented Nov 10, 2014

Still occurs as of ff33. installed on brand new profile with no addons except QJ. note the QJ icon was moved from navbar to inside menu area where print, history, etc are located. QJ status and button color is not set on initial load until i right-click QJ icon and click refresh. my QJ options: all checkboxes in "included in favorites" are checked except animated images and proxy which are set to hide.
Please REOPEN TICKET, still not solved.


I moved both the standalone "JS" button as well as the favorites button up into that menu bar and it all behaves as expected. There is a bug in FF where after the first time a customize icon is added it isn't refreshed, but that should not occur on subsequent startups of FF (also last I saw the bug was marked as "will not fix" since not enough extension developers use the feature that has that particular bug)

Can you provide screenshots so I can verify that I am testing the icons in the same location as you.

Tested on FF34 (W7 x64/32)

einst3 commented Nov 17, 2014

here is the images.
Image 1: qj plugin in toolbar, works correctly on ff startup.
Image 2: qj plugin in ff menu, does not init status without right click refresh.
Image 3: qj options


Thank you for the screen shots, that's not where I was testing it. It may be an issue with FF not updating it since it's not visible when the change occurs, will re-open and look into it when I get some free time.


Version 2.0.6 should fix this issue and has been submitted for review.

To install 2.0.6 early visit this page:

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