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The Judy2k Slack

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The Judy2k Slack is intended to be an inclusive, welcoming, respectful place for (mainly technical) people to hang out. The majority of us are in Edinburgh but that's not a rule!


The following people have admin rights in the Slack. They are the people to talk to if you need help or if you have problems with or concerns about someone in the Judy2k Slack. Feel free to contact them in a private channel.

  • @ali (Ali King)
  • @skye (Skye Welch)
  • @judy2k (Mark Smith)


  • You are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct.
  • You can invite new people to the Slack! You don't need to ask permission, but please consider whether the person will adhere to the Code of Conduct before inviting them.
  • You must set an avatar image! It doesn't need to be a photo of you, but @judy2k hates plaid.

Code of Conduct

We do not tolerate harassment of people in any form, including but not limited to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age or religion. Expect action from an admin if you break the rules.

We do not have many rules, but they are:

  • Be nice
  • Conversations in certain channels, especially #jobs and #mental-health, are private and sensitive, and are not to be shared outside of the Slack, and only carefully outside of the channel itself. Members should be careful about sharing anything from the Slack which should be considered privileged information.

Not being nice could include:

  • Feigned surprise. When someone says “I don’t know what X is”, you don’t say “You don’t know what X is?!” or “I can’t believe you don’t know what X is!”.
  • Well-actuallys. That is the pedantic corrections that don’t make a difference to the conversation that’s happening.
  • Fanboy-ism. Just because Programming Language X has feature Y doesn't mean everyone who doesn't use it is making the biggest mistake of their lives.
  • Trolling. Posting something for the sole purpose of starting an argument or annoying other people is stupid.
  • Excessive conspiracy-theorying. Consider making your own channel if you feel the need to negatively comment on everything related to a (reasonable) subject.

Reporting Concerns & Violations

  • If you have a problem or concern in the Slack (or you witness someone breaking the Code of Conduct) please open a private channel with the admins to discuss it.
  • If you have a problem or concern with one of the admins, please open a private channel with the other admins to discuss it.

All conversations are confidential and will be taken seriously.


Originally written by @CarrotCodes here, modified by the Judy2k Slack admins, and retains the CC-BY-4.0 license - copy it, change it, and credit us. 💻❤️