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Rtree: Spatial indexing for Python

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Rtree is a ctypes Python wrapper of libspatialindex that provides a number of advanced spatial indexing features for the spatially curious Python user. These features include:

  • Nearest neighbor search
  • Intersection search
  • Multi-dimensional indexes
  • Clustered indexes (store Python pickles directly with index entries)
  • Bulk loading
  • Deletion
  • Disk serialization
  • Custom storage implementation (to implement spatial indexing in ZODB, for example)

Wheels are available for most major platforms, and rtree with bundled libspatialindex can be installed via pip:

pip install rtree



  • Fix up type hints #243 (thanks @oderby)
  • Python 3.11 wheels #250 (thanks @ewouth)


  • Python 3.7+ is now required (#212) (thanks @adamjstewart!)
  • Type hints (#215 and others) (thanks @adamjstewart!)
  • Python 3.10 wheels, including osx-arm64 #224
  • Clean up libspatialindex C API mismatches #222 (thanks @musicinmybrain!)
  • Many doc updates, fixes, and type hints (thanks @adamjstewart!) #212 #221 #217 #215
  • len method for index #194
  • Prevent get_coordinate_pointers from mutating inputs #205 (thanks @sjones94549!)
  • linux-aarch64 wheels #183 (thanks @odidev!)
  • black (#218) and flake8 (#145) linting