PHP client for the Etherpad Lite HTTP API.
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PHP Etherpad Lite Client

This PHP Etherpad Lite class allows you to easily interact with Etherpad Lite API with PHP.
Etherpad Lite is a collaborative editor provided by the Etherpad Foundation (

Basic Usage

Install from packagist:

composer require tomnomnom/etherpad-lite-client

A legacy etherpad-lite-client.php file is included for people who are unwilling/unable to switch to the new namespaced version, but it is deprecated and will be removed in future versions.

require 'vendor/autoload.php';
$instance = new EtherpadLite\Client('EtherpadFTW', '');
$revisionCount = $instance->getRevisionsCount('testPad');
$revisionCount = $revisionCount->revisions;
echo "Pad has $revisionCount revisions";

Running The Tests

The full-stack tests can be run by running make test.

The test suite makes the following assumptions:

  • A copy of Etherpad is running at http://localhost:9001
  • The data in the running instance of Etherpad can be destroyed
  • The APIKey for the running instance is 'dcf118bfc58cc69cdf3ae870071f97149924f5f5a9a4a552fd2921b40830aaae'
  • PHPUnit has been installed with Composer (run make dev-deps)

A Dockerfile is provided in tools/testcontainer to ease setup of a test instance.


Apache License

Other Stuff

The Etherpad Foundation also provides a jQuery plugin for Etherpad Lite.
This can be found at