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  • Treat this content as if it were off-the-air radio.
  • i.e If you sample a Michael Jackson song from the radio, it doesn't mean you have the rights to use that sample in your music.
  • Some, not all, of this material is public domain or creative commons licensed. Where possible, I have tried to find material with CC-BY or more liberal licenses. Check the 'Source' links for details.
  • Before publishing or selling anything created using this material, read about and understand Fair Use laws in your country.
  • Some of this material is recorded off-air from internet radio stations in languages that I don’t speak - my apologies if any material is offensive or inappropriate. Some of the material in English also includes strong language and crazy or offensive ideas.
  • Everything I know about these files is on this page. If you write to me to ask for more information, license details, contacts or anything else, I will not be able to answer.

The following files take up just over 8gb on a SD Card. The mirrors are all duplicates, pick the one nearest to your location.

Use WinRAR in Windows or UnrarX in OSX to extract RAR archives.

Handy cheat sheet reminder of the codes to print out: Cheat Sheet PDF

0 ○○○○ Broadcast Radio

A selection of 30 minute recordings, mainly taken from Internet Radio streams, October 2014.
MAROC.RAW | Radio Mars, Casablanca (Link)
ARCHERS.RAW | Two episodes of The Archers, Radio 4, October 2014 (Link)
ARGENTIN.RAW | Cadena 3, Argentina (Link)
BAMOKO.RAW | Dounia 105.4 FM, Bamako, Mali
JAMAICA.RAW | Power 106 Kingston Jamaica
JAMAICA2.RAW | Jamaican roots station Springline Radio (Source: JAPAN.RAW | Onagawa Saigai 79.3, Ishinomaki, Japan
LUANDA.RAW | Radio Ecclesia, Luanda, Angola
MOSCOW.RAW | Echo Radio, Moscow (Link)
IR1.RAW | Persian Pop Hits
IR2.RAW | Sonati Radio, Iran (Link)
UKLOCAL.RAW | Snippets of UK Local radio '80s, '90s, '00s. (Source: Aircheck Downloads)
ICELAND.RAW | RUV Ras 1 Reykjavik, Iceland (Link)
SUPREME.RAW | Worlds Famous Supreme Team Show (Source: Old School Hiphop Tapes)
PEELHT.RAW | John Peel's Home Truths Radio 4 show, 9th October 2004 (Source: Soundcloud)
KOREA.RAW | South Korean radio
NKOREA.RAW | Radio Pyongyang from August 3rd, 1994 just a few weeks after the death of Kim Il Sung (Source: PCJ Media)

1 ●○○○ Unusual Speech & Radio

30SRADIO.RAW | A selection of 1930s radio broadcasts, including Harry Houdini's last seance (Source:
50SRADIO.RAW | A selection of 1950s radio broadcasts, starting with Sputnik (Source:
ALIEN.RAW | Art Bell Alien interview HYPNO.RAW | 1970s self-hypnosis cassette (Source: Tape Findings)
INFOWARS.RAW | Alex Jones radio show, recorded off air, October 2014
LUCIER.RAW | 'I am sitting in a room' by Alvin Lucier (Source: UbuWeb)
SERMONS.RAW | A selection of sermons from 78 rpm records from the 'Goodbye Babylon' collection (Source:, Dust to Digital)
UFO.RAW | Edward R. Murrow's special report on Flying Saucers from 1949 (Source:
BECKETT.RAW | Samuel Beckett read by Jack MacGrowan (Source: UbuWeb)
FULLER.RAW | Buckminster Fuller reading 'Critical Path' (Source: UbuWeb)
BUKOWSKI.RAW | A selection of poems read by Charles Bukowski (Source UbuWeb)
CAGEDIR.RAW | Extracts from John Cage's Diary How To Improve The World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse) (Source: UbuWeb)
ORSON.RAW | Extract from Orson Welles' 1938 War of The Worlds (Source
BURROUGH.RAW | William Burroughs, Extracts from Breakthrough in the Grey Room (Source: UbuWeb)

2 ○●○○ Robotic and Scientific Speech

AMARILLO.RAW | NOAA Automatic Weather broadcasts, Amarillo. (Source: Weather Underground)
APOLLO.RAW | Speech from the Apollo 11 mission (Source:
HAWKING.RAW | Various text-to-speech tests, including 'I am Sitting in a Room', Molly Bloom's Soliloquy and 'White Lines' (Source: Generated using OSX text to speech)
UVB76.RAW | Russian Numbers Station
NUMBER1.RAW to NUMBER10.RAW | Numbers stations from the Conet Project (Source:, Irdial Discs)
LAPD.RAW | Police scanner recording from LA

3 ●●○○ Ambient sounds & Field Recording

BIRDSONG.RAW | Birdsong in a Kent Garden, 9 May 2011 (Source:
CRACKLE.RAW | Vinyl crackles from Chia's Vinyl Sample Pack (Source: Chia)
A_CITY.RAW | Sounds of the city (Source: Compiled by TW)
B_CNTRY.RAW | Sounds of the countryside (Source: Compiled by TW)
BERLINFR.RAW | Various Berlin urban field recordings (Field Recording)
BRICK.RAW | Market Traders on Brick Lane (The London Sound Survey)
TOWER.RAW | Tower Bridge being raised, recorded inside the Bascule chamber (The London Sound Survey)
MINDGAP.RAW | London Underground announcements (The London Sound Survey)
OCCUPY.RAW | Occupy NY protests, 5 Oct 2011 (Lazyeight)
LADDER.RAW | Jacob's Ladder Arc generator (Richard Devine)

4 ○○●○ Melodic and drone sounds

ANTHEMS.RAW | A selection of national anthems performed by the US Navy band (Source: US Navy)
CARDEWGL.RAW | Cornelius Cardew's The Great Learning Paragraph 7 (Source: UbuWeb)
CCCLASSIC.RAW | Creative Commmons Licensed classical recordings (Source: Second Fiddle, Soundcloud)
CHOIRS.RAW | Creative Commmons Licensed choir and organ recordings (Soundcloud sources: Jpianoguy, Paul Hertz, Ddohler, Smileyguy 1)
LOMAX.RAW | Selections from John & Ruby Lomax's 1939 recording trip to the Southern USA (Source: Library of Congress)
MONTE.RAW | La Monte Young - The Melodic Version of The Second Dream of The High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer (Source: Roots and Traces)
QURAN.RAW | Radio Quraan (Link)
GDEAD.RAW | The Greatful Dead tuning their instruments, 1977 (excerpt) (Source:
CHIMES.RAW | Wind Chimes (Source: [Standing Wave]( and

5 ●○●○ Avant-Garde Music

CAGEVARS.RAW | John Cage, Variations II (Source: Avant Garde Project, UbuWeb)
TREATISE.RAW | Cornelius Cardew, Treatise
FELDMAN2.RAW | Morton Feldman: King of Denmark (performed by Max Neuhaus) (Source: UbuWeb)

6 ○●●○ Avant-Garde Songs and Poetry

FLATUS.RAW | Italian Flatus Vocal Trio - Tabula Plena/Grosso Modo/Nana (Source: UbuWeb)
ABRAMO.RAW | Marina Abramoviç - Bioguarde, Ulay (Source: UbuWeb)
MONK.RAW | Meredith Monk, Rally (Source: UbuWeb)
FELDMAN.RAW | Morton Feldman: Three Voices (For Joan La Barbara) (Source: UbuWeb)
LABRA.RAW | Joan La Barbara: selections from 73 Poems (Source: UbuWeb)

7 ●●●○ Drum Loops


8 ○○○● Hi-fi Test Records

A selection of old Hi-fi test records found on YouTube. Mostly stereo demo records, that I've crushed into a single, relatively lo-fi mono recording.
RIGONDA.RAW | 1972 Soviet hi-fi test record (Source: YouTube Details: discogs)
AFTEST.RAW | Audio Fidelity stereo test (Source: YouTube)
OBSTACLE.RAW | Shure Audio Obstacle Course Era III, 1973 (Source: YouTube Details: discogs)
1912.RAW | Columbia 78rpm Demonstration Record, 1912 (Source: YouTube)
MAYFAIR.RAW | Mayfair Stereo Test Record (Source: YouTube)
PBELL.RAW | Packard Bell Stereophonic Demonstration Record (Source: YouTube)
PROJECT.RAW | Project 3 Stereo Test Record (Source: YouTube)
STFIDEL.RAW | Stereo Fidelity Demonstrator (Source: YouTube)

9 ●○○● Music From Earth

This folder includes the musical recordings on the the Voyager Golden Record, the 12" gold-plated copper disks placed on board the Voyager interstellar probes launched in 1977. In 2012, the disk on board Voyager 1 left the solar system, 18bn kms from the Sun. The musical selections were made by a committee chaired by Carl Sagan, and include a court gamelan from Java, Chuck Berry, Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring' and three pieces by Bach. Full details Source:

10 ○●○● Sounds From Earth

This folder includes the speech and sound recordings on the Golden Record, including animal noises, morse code, a jet fighter taking off, greetings in 55 languages and Laurie Spiegel's Harmonices Mundi. Full details and source:

15 ●●●●Test Files

These are quite unpleasant to listen to - you might want to delete them before using the module musically. Or you might want to make more - The 'Generate' menu in Audacity can create a lot of interesting sounds, which can the be exported.
SILENCE2.raw | Silence.
TONE1.raw | 440hz
TONE2.raw | 40hz
TONE3.raw | 4,000hz

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