Radio Music 2017 Firmware

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Quick Start

  1. Download latest release from the Radio Music Configuration Generator
  2. Update the module with the firmware using these instructions
  3. Prepare your SD Card with .raw and / or .wav files.


  1. Create and download a configuration from the Generator
  2. Copy the settings.txt file to the SD card

New Features

Wav File Support

Standard Mode (default configuration)

In the standard 'Radio' mode the Radio Music 2017 Firmware will now play 44 khz 16 bit Mono wav files as well as .raw files. .raw files will be interpreted as 44 khz 16 bit Mono.

Any Audio Files ( anyAudioFiles=1 )

Enabling the 'Read any wav files' option in the config generator or adding anyAudioFiles=1 to the settings.txt file will allow the module to read mono and stereo .wav files up to 96 khz 24 bit EXCLUDING 96/24/Stereo. 96/24/Mono are fine.

Accepted sample rates are 11025, 22050, 44100, 48000 and 96000 Hz.

Accepted bit depths are 8,16 and 24 bits.

Due to extra CPU requirements crossfading will be automatically disabled in this mode.

Pitch Mode ( pitchMode=1 )

With pitch mode enabled both the Start Pot and the Start CV will instead control the pitch of the current sample. Both of these inputs are quantized unless specified in the settings file. Note that the 'startCVDivider' option has no effect on the Pitch CV input.

In pitch mode any retrigger (either button or RESET input) will play the file from the start.

The default pitch CV range is 39 semitones which should provide 1v/Oct control over the pitch. This range can be configured in the settings file (see below).

The pitch pot range is 48 semitones and is not currently configurable.

In standard file mode (raw and 44 khz / 16 bit / mono wav) the overall pitch shift range goes up to a maximum of 26 semitones above the original playback speed.

In 'Any Audio Files' mode the overall range is limited to 22 semitones above the original.

Internally the quantised note numbers are limited to the standard MIDI note number range ( 0 - 127 )

Note Range ( noteRange=XX : Default 39 )

Specify the pitch CV range from 1 to 72 semitones. Internally the lowest note number allowed is currently 36 so the range will spread from 36 to 36 + noteRange ( + Pitch Pot which is 48 ).

Root Note ( rootNote=XX : Default 60 )

Specify the note number where playback is at original speed. Minimum is 36, Maximum is 96.

Quantise Note CV ( quantiseNoteCV=1|0 : Default is 1 )

You can turn off pitch CV quantisation using quantiseNoteCV=0. The range will be as specified in the settings or default if not specified.

Quantise Note Pot ( quantiseNotePot=1|0 : Default is 1 )

You can turn off pitch pot quantisation using quantiseNoteCV=0. The range is fixed at 48 semitones.

Renamed Configuration Options for Crossfades

The older names for crossfade options in the settings file have been update to better reflect their function. NOTE : The old names will still work.

  1. mute is now crossfade : 1 or 0
  2. declick is now crossfadeTime : Time in milliseconds e.g. 200


If no valid audio files are found when the module starts the LEDs will flash rapidly in sequence. After 3 seconds the module will reboot itself to allow you to replace the SD card without having to power cycle the module.

If no SD card is detected the lights will flash slowly in sequence and the module will reboot after each cycle.

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