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General information

Installing tracks from source code is complicated. Possible ways of getting tracks running are:

  • Docker image run on either Docker Compose or directly as a container
  • Custom environment installing the necessary libraries and installing the source yourself.
  • TurnKey Linux offers prebuilt Tracks appliances in several formats.
  • If you want to use a hosted service, then look at the list of free and commercial tracks hosted services at Hosted Tracks.

The official installation instructions covering the Docker and source install options are available in doc/ Below are some more specific instructions for distributions and hosting providers.

Note: The distribution and hosting service specific instructions are likely to get out-of-date if they haven’t been updated recently. Please update them if you notice something missing or wrong. The maintainer only updates the instructions mentioned above.

Update your already installed Tracks with the last modifications on the repository

Distribution-specific instructions

Below are some more specific instructions on various platforms.

Not very recently updated installation instructions

Past install instructions

Specific instructions for webhosters:

Installing Tracks on a webhost’s server