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TurkuNLP Group - IT Department - University of Turku

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  1. A neural parsing pipeline for segmentation, morphological tagging, dependency parsing and lemmatization with pre-trained models for more than 50 languages. Top ranker in the CoNLL-18 Shared Task.

    Python 88 24

  2. FinBERT Public

    BERT model trained from scratch on Finnish

    Shell 65 6

  3. The Finnish dependency parsing pipeline being developed by the Turku NLP group. Documentation:

    Python 48 10

  4. wikibert Public

    BERT models for many languages created from Wikipedia texts

    29 1

  5. Post-processing OCR errors with seq2seq models

    Python 23 2

  6. Stuff for the Text Mining course

    Jupyter Notebook 22 8


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