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Turner Software

Turner Software

Hi, I'm James Turner and I'm the founder and director of Turner Software. We're a small software development company from Adelaide, Australia.

I've been operating Turner Software since 2009. Initially as a contracted website development agency, it has turned into a dedicated .NET development shop.

I build software because I love doing so - it has been a dream of mine to do so before I could even spell software development. The time and dedication I've put into the craft helps ensure high quality software for others to build their ideas upon.

Our Active Projects

Cache Tower MongoFramework Infinity Crawler Sitemap Tools Robots Exclusion Tools Vibrancy Build Versioning Dino DNS

Supporting Our OSS

There are support plans available that cover all active Turner Software OSS projects. Support plans provide private email support, expert usage advice for our projects, priority bug fixes and more. These support plans help fund our OSS commitments to provide better software for everyone.

When you don't need a support plan but still want to contribute financially to our OSS commitments, you can contribute directly via GitHub Sponsors.


  1. CacheTower Public

    An efficient multi-layered caching system for .NET

    C# 503 27

  2. An "Entity Framework"-like interface for MongoDB

    C# 373 36

  3. A simple but powerful web crawler library for .NET

    C# 223 35

  4. A sitemap (sitemap.xml) querying and parsing library for .NET

    C# 24 9

  5. A "robots.txt" parsing and querying library for .NET

    C# 21 8

  6. Simple build versioning for .NET, powered by Git tags

    C# 52 4


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