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Package Dependency Graph for npm

Open in Gitpod

Dependency graph of sprotty

This project renders dependency graphs of npm packages. It uses the npm registry to obtain package metadata, sprotty for rendering the graphs, and ELK for automatic layout. It can be run either as a standalone application with a simple web page or as a Theia extension. Theia supports both the web browser and Electron.

The standalone application is available at Find more details on this project in this blog post.


The easiest way to build and test this application is to open it in Gitpod. If you would like to do it on your own machine, follow the steps below.

You need Yarn in order to build this project.

$ git clone
$ cd npm-dependency-graph
$ yarn

Running as Standalone App

$ cd standalone-app
$ yarn start

Point your web browser to http://localhost:3001/

Running as Theia App in the Browser

$ cd browser-app
$ yarn start

Point your web browser to http://localhost:3000/

Running as Theia App with Electron

$ yarn rebuild:electron
$ cd electron-app
$ yarn start

If you would like to switch back to the browser app, run yarn rebuild:browser.

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