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A language server for YANG (see Language Server Protocol).


The language server application is available in two distributions:

  • yang-language-server_<version>.zip (plain language server)
  • yang-language-server_diagram-extension_<version>.zip (language server with diagram extension for sprotty)

Both variants include start scripts to launch the background process. Connect its input/output streams to your host application in order to communicate with the language server.

The YANG Language Server is currently being used in


  git clone
  cd yang-lsp/yang-lsp
  ./gradlew build

Release Engineering

The yang-lsp is the base of multiple binaries

Repository Client Binary Bin Repo CI Trigger
yang-lsp LSP JAR + script GH Action Artifacts GH Action GH Commit / PR
yangster Theia Browser Docker image Docker Hub Docker Hub GitHub hook / Jenkins pipeline
Theia Theia extension npm Jenkins yarn run publish
yangster-electron Theia Electron executables ? ? ?
yang-eclipse Eclipse p2 update site Eclipse Marketplace Jenkins GitHub hook / Jenkins pipeline
yang-vscode VSCode VSCode extension VSCode Marketplace - vsce