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Univalent Mathematics

A unified approach to formalization of mathematical knowledge based on Univalent Foundations.

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  1. UniMath UniMath Public

    This coq library aims to formalize a substantial body of mathematics using the univalent point of view.

    Coq 900 168

  2. SymmetryBook SymmetryBook Public

    This book will be an undergraduate textbook written in the univalent style, taking advantage of the presence of symmetry in the logic at an early stage.

    HTML 359 22

  3. Foundations Foundations Public

    Voevodsky's original development of the univalent foundations of mathematics in Coq

    Coq 233 20

  4. agda-unimath agda-unimath Public

    The agda-unimath library

    Agda 201 62

  5. TypeTheory TypeTheory Public

    The mathematical study of type theories, in univalent foundations

    Coq 111 21

  6. Schools Schools Public

    Coq 70 18


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