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Additional tools for Visual Effect Artists.

Install VFX Toolbox Unity Package

Local Package Install :

  • Git Clone this repository (or download zip and unzip locally)
  • Install Unity 2019.3 or newer and run it for your project
  • Open Package Manager Window (Window/Package Manager)
  • Use the + Button located at the top-left of the window and select "Add Package from Disk"
  • Navigate to the root of the repository directory then open the package.json file.

Git Reference Install (Package will be available as read-only):

  • (Make sure you have Git CLI installed on your system and path correctly configured)
  • Install Unity 2019.3 or newer
  • Open your project's Packages/manifest.json file with a text editor
  • Add the following line to dependencies list : "com.unity.vfx-toolbox": "",

Image Sequencer

This utility enables the authoring of Flipbook Texture Sheets in an easy way. Create Image Sequence assets, import your texture sequences and start retiming, loop, and assemble into a flipbook texture sheet.

By using templates, you can go back, make adjustments then re-export with only one click.

  • You can create Image Sequence Templates using the Create/Visual Effects/Image Sequence project window menu
  • You can open the Image Sequencer using the Window/Visual Effects/Image Sequencer menu

DCC Tools

DCC Tools enable the export of .pcache and .vf files to be used with Visual Effect Graph. They are available for the following DCCs at the moment:


  • Point Cache
  • Volume Exporter