Manual Input tests that are used by the Unity X-Reality Quality Assurance team to understand status across virtual reality and augmented reality platforms.
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XR Input Test Suite

Running the Complete Project in the Editor

If you are in the complete project, start by opening the XR Tests Editor Window. This can be found from the menu bar at Window->XR Tests. From this menu you can use the provided buttons to set up a test to run, edit, or export. It is suggested you use these buttons to setup unless you really know what you are doing!

Running the Complete Project on a Device

Simply compile the project and deploy it to your platform of choice. Each scene has a pair of arrows. Gaze at an arrow for a few seconds to transition to the next scene.

Add a New Test

To add a test scene within the complete project

  • Copy the Assets/Tests/Template to Assets/Tests/YourNewTestName
  • Rename Assets/Tests/YourNewTestName/Template.unity to Assets/Tests/YourNewTestName/YourNewTestName.unity
  • Add your test-specific GameObjects. Only add new assets to Assets/Tests/YourNewTestName/
  • Add your test-specific instructions to the TestInstructions GameObject in Assets/Tests/YourNewTestName/YourNewTestName.unity
  • Add your test to the build settings by navigating to Menu Bar -> Window -> XR Test Config and pressing the Update Build Settings button.
  • You can refresh the XR Tests window using the "Refresh" button located at the top of the window.
  • Before committing the new test in Mercurial be sure to verify it by:
    • Running the test in playmode - no consolde debug logs, warnings, or errors! Launch the test by pressing the "Run" button under Window->XR Tests panel -> YourNewTestName
    • Running the test in a build
    • Export the test, make sure it works in playmode and as a build - no consolde debug logs, warnings, or errors! You should be able to navigate between scenes with the arrows forward and backward from the new test.

Best Practices

  • If you are adding a completely new test, add it to the earliest editor branch that supports the feature and graft it forward version branch by version branch.
  • Use (Menu Bar -> Window -> XR Test Config) and (Menu Bar -> Window -> XR Tests)! Proper setup of these tests requires correctly activated scenes. The buttons do this for you!
  • Test and double test before committing new changes! This keeps the project nice for everyone!
  • Please only add new assets to Assets/Tests/YourNewTestName/