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Netcode for GameObjects Bitesize Samples

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This repository contains a collection of bitesize sample projects and games that showcase different techniques which can help you get started with development of a multiplayer project using Netcode for GameObjects.

Bitesize Samples Overview

2D Space Shooter Overview

The 2D Space Shooter Sample was a UNET sample that has been converted over to NGO. Check it out to learn more about physics movement and status effects using Netcode NetworkVariables and ObjectPooling.

Invaders Overview

The Invaders Sample was a UNET sample that has been converted over to NGO. Learn more about game flow, modes, unconventional networked movement, and using a shared timer in this sample.

Client Driven Overview

See the Client Driven Sample to learn about client driven movements, networked physics, spawning vs in-scene placed NetworkObjects, and NetworkObject parenting.

Dynamic Addressables Network Prefabs Overview

Check out the new Dynamic Addressables Network Prefabs Sample to learn more about the dynamic prefab system, which allows us to add new spawnable network prefabs at runtime.

Readme Contents and Quick Links

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Getting the project

Direct download

  • You can download the latest versions these samples from our Releases page

  • Alternatively: select Code and select the 'Download Zip' option. Please note that this will download the branch you're currently viewing on Github


The bitesize samples are compatible with the latest Unity Long Term Support (LTS) editor version, currently 2022 LTS and are supported on the Windows 10 and Mac OSX platforms. Please include standalone support for Windows/Mac in your installation.

PLEASE NOTE: You will also need Netcode for Game Objects to use these samples. See the Installation Documentation to prepare your environment. You can also complete the Get Started With NGO tutorial to familiarize yourself with Netcode For Game Objects.




For a deep dive into Netcode for GameObjects and the Bitesize Samples, visit our documentation site.


For help, questions, networking advice, or discussions about Netcode for GameObjects and its samples, please join our Discord Community or create a post in the Unity Multiplayer Forum.


We welcome your contributions to this sample code and objects. See our contribution guidelines for details.


If you have tried these samples already, please consider leaving us feedback here--it will only take a couple of minutes. Thanks!

Other samples

Boss Room Sample

Boss Room is a fully functional co-op multiplayer RPG made with Unity Netcode. It is an educational sample designed to showcase typical netcode patterns that are frequently featured in similar multiplayer games.

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A collection of smaller Bitesize samples to educate in isolation features of Netcode for GamesObjects and related technologies.



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