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git-menu package

An package to use git from the context menu. You can choose which commands show up in the context menu by enabling/disabling them in the settings.



This package will add a "Git" item to the context menu when you right click on the tree-view, tabs, or the editor.


See /docs/



The easiest way to contribute to this package is to vote on new commmands. New commands are entered as issues with the command label. I will prioritize commands with the most 👍's

Submit Commands

If there are commands you would like to see just create an issue with the command template and I will label it as a command.

Submit An Issue

If you find a bug or just have a question about something create an issue and I will be happy to help you out.

Create A Pull Request

If there is an issue you think you can fix or a command you think you can implement just create a pull request referencing that issue so I know that you are working on it