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Acche din aa gaye


A Programming language is a wonderful medium of communication between man and machine. Many such languages are created, keeping in mind the comfort of the programmer. Such languages fulfill the computational needs of the world and serve their purpose. Somewhere in the midst of all this, the “fun” side of programming is lost.
Our project, “Modi Script” is one such esoteric language created with the sole intention of making use of quotes by our beloved PM Narendra Modi. The star feature of this language is that the language consists entirely of remarkable statements made by the PM. The language is dynamically typed and turing complete, sprinkled with words of wisdom by our PM!


This scripting languague includes some "ideas" of Shri Narendra Modi.

  • No import of codes allowed, we have to support him in Make in India.
  • No comments allowed in code, everything should be clean as per Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.
  • No redundant variables allowed, less government more governance.
  • Like his speeches, all codes should start with mitrooon
  • All codes should end with acche din aa gaye, otherwise it's congress rule error.
  • The programming language is totally case insensitive, because we should not believe discrimination based on higher or lower castes/cases.
  • No floating point numbers allowed, you can either be right front or left front, there is no mid-way.
  • you can provide --help flag for very discreet help.


To install, download the repo using:

git clone

Then add ModiScript to your PATH as:

  1. Temporary: Write export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/ModiScript/modiscript to terminal.
  2. Permanent: Append export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/ModiScript/modiscript to the end of your ~/.bashrc file.
    And then type
source ~/.bashrc


Write code in file with extension .chai
For execution type MODI filename.chai

Syntax and Grammar

Arithmetic, relational and logical operators can be used in their raw form as defined in c/c++ (i.e. '+' for addition '-' for subtraction '&&' for logocal and '||' for logical or and so on..)
Modi-fied operators

  • sach for True
  • jhoot for False
  • plus for addition
  • substract for subtraction
  • taimes for multiplication
  • break for division
  • modi for mod
  • kam for less than
  • zyada for greater than
  • barabar for equal to
  • aur for logical AND
  • ya for logocal OR

Flow of Control

  • { } define a block as in any other programming language.
  • if is defined as agar and else as nahi toh. if else ladder can be defined as agar (condition) { } nahi toh agar (condition) { } nahi toh{ }.
  • Looping constructs can be defined using jab tak condition hai { } (be careful here, we have been going according to hindi grammar that dictates the loop will exit when the condition is true, thus the loop executes till the condition is false not true)

General Syntax

  • Any quote in double or single inverted commas is taken as a string constant. eg "Modiji ka seena 56 inch ka hai".
  • Assignments to a varibale can be done using hai keyword, x = y can be depicted as x y hai, or congress scamster hai .
  • The use of word "hai" is optional so the statement can be defined as BJP winner which translates to BJP = winner and hai can be appended to end of any line to make it more grammarly suitable to hindi.
  • Output to STDOUT can be given using bhaiyo aur behno. bhaiyo aur behno "Hum UP me sarkaar bana chuke hai." will print "Hum UP me sarkaar bana chuke hai."
  • Input from STDIN can be takes using mann ki baat. mann ki baat RSS will take input into a variable named RSS.
  • Any excessive words defined in a line outside the scope of any operators or syntax will be neglected so you can write pure hindi codes and make them grammatically correct and give a pure Hindi Code demo in UN Assembly.

Example Code

agar baat sach hai
	bhaiyo aur behno "Modi sabse achhe pradhan mantri hai." 
nahi toh 
	bhaiyo aur behno "Rahul Gandhi ko PM banaiye" 
Achhe din aa gaye 

Output: "modi sabse achhe pradhan mantri hai."

Example codes can be found in /example.


Ideas and Contributions for alpha version implemented by

  • Vishal Panjeta @VPanjeta

  • Tilak S Naik @TilakSN

  • Shishira R Maiya @abhyantrika

  • You are welcome, if you feel the need to contribute. Just clone the repo and send a pull request!