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We're a two-man team of enthusiasts creating a versatile, open source Nintendo Virtual Boy game engine, development tools as well as new games for the system.

Pinned repositories

  1. Virtual Utopia Engine - a versatile, object oriented Nintendo Virtual Boy game engine.

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  2. Barebone project to be used as the foundation of new VUEngine projects.

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  3. A platform demo game created using VUEngine Studio to show off some of the engine's capabilities.

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  4. A library of reusable, prefab code components like entities, states or fonts, that can be easily plugged into VUEngine projects to add new functionality.


  5. Simple Pong-like game demo demonstrating multiplayer capabilities in VUEngine.


  6. VUE-MASTER (read: "View Master") is a take on the classic toy stereo image viewer. It's a Virtual Boy stereo viewer by Stereo Boy and KR155E, containing 7 stereo images. First and foremost, though,…