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steamctl is an open-source CLI utility similar to steamcmd. It provides access to a number of Steam features and data from the command line. While it is possible to download apps and content from Steam, steamctl is not a game launcher.


pip install steamctl

Install directly from github:

pip install git+

Command list

apps                Get information about apps
|- activate_key       Activate key(s) on account
|- licenses           Manage licenses
|  |- list              List all licenses on account
|  |- add               Add free package license(s)
|  \- remove            Remove free package license(s)
|- list               List owned or all apps
|- product_info       Show product info for app
\- item_def           Get item definitions for app

assistant           Helpful automation
|- idle-games         Idle up to 32 games for game time
|- idle-cards         Automatic idling for game cards
\- discovery-queue    Explore a single discovery queue

authenticator       Manage Steam authenticators
|- add                Add authentictor to a Steam account
|- remove             Remove an authenticator
|- list               List all authenticators
|- status             Query Steam Guard status for account
|- code               Generate auth code
\- qrcode             Generate QR code

clear               Remove data stored on disk
|- cache              Remove all cache and data files
|- credentials        Remove all credentials and saved logins
\- all                Remove all cache files

cloud               Manage Steam Cloud files (e.g. save files, settings, etc)
|- list               List files for app
|- list_apps          List all apps with cloud files
\- download           Download files for app

depot               List and download from Steam depots
|- info               View info about a depot(s)
|- list               List files from depot(s)
|- download           Download depot files
|- diff               Compare files between manifest(s) and filesystem
\- decrypt_gid        Decrypt manifest gid

hlmaster            Query master server and server information
|- query              Query HL Master for servers
\- info               Query info from a goldsrc or source server

steamid             Parse SteamID representations

ugc                 Info and download of user generated content
|- info               Get details for UGC
\- download           Download UGC

webapi              Access to WebAPI
|- set-key            Set WebAPI key
|- clear-key          Remove saved key
|- list               List all available WebAPI endpoints
\- call               Call WebAPI endpoint

workshop            Search and download workshop items
|- search             Search the workshop
|- info               Get all details for a workshop item
|- download           Download a workshop item
|- subscribe          Subscribe to workshop items
|- unsubscribe        Unsubscribe to workshop items
|- favorite           Favourite workshop items
\- unfavorite         Unfavourite workshop items


steamctl authenticator (No root required, and transferable token. Steamapp, steamctl, and aegis, with the same token)

preview: steamctl authenticator

(video) steamctl depot

asciinema preview: steamctl depot

(video) steamctl workshop

asciinema preview: steamctl workshop

(video) steamctl webapi

asciinema preview: steamctl workshop

(video) steamctl hlmaster

asciinema preview: steamctl hlmaster