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Build Status

Exception handling

This repository holds a proposal for adding exception handling to WebAssembly.

The repository is a clone of WebAssembly/spec, and is rebased on the spec of its dependent proposal WebAssembly/reference-types.

The remainder of the document is contents of the document of that repository.

Reference Types Proposal for WebAssembly

Build Status

This repository is a clone of It is meant for discussion, prototype specification and implementation of a proposal to add support for basic reference types to WebAssembly.

Original README from upstream repository follows...


This repository holds a prototypical reference implementation for WebAssembly, which is currently serving as the official specification. Eventually, we expect to produce a specification either written in human-readable prose or in a formal specification language.

It also holds the WebAssembly testsuite, which tests numerous aspects of conformance to the spec.

View the work-in-progress spec at

At this time, the contents of this repository are under development and known to be "incomplet and inkorrect".

Participation is welcome. Discussions about new features, significant semantic changes, or any specification change likely to generate substantial discussion should take place in the WebAssembly design repository first, so that this spec repository can remain focused. And please follow the guidelines for contributing.

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