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Webstorm ES6

Settings => Languages & Frameworks => JavaScript language version and choose ECMAScript 6

JS Version

Docker (No skills, only docker)

1. Install Docker

2. Run prebuilt Container (automated build


docker run -d --restart=always -v /webdollar/ssl:/etc/letsencrypt/live -v /webdollar/data:/blockchainDB3 -e DOMAIN=<ENTER DOMAIN HERE> -e EMAIL=<ENTER EMAIL HERE> --name webdollar -p 80:80 -p 443:443 webdollar/node


docker run -d --restart=always -v /webdollar/data:/blockchainDB3 -e NOSSL=true -e SERVER_PORT=80 --name webdollar -p 80:80 webdollar/node

Installing (Non-techie skills required)

Follow the following instructions:

Installing (High tech skills required)

0. Node.js

Required: v16.x

nvm is the recommended tooling to get the right version. Simply run nvm use from the root of this project.

Windows: You can download Node.js from this URL:

Linux: It's reccomended you install Node.js using NVM

1. Cloning Repository

git clone Node-WebDollar

2. Installing modules

cd Node-WebDollar to enter in the directory of the repository

npm install

If you get errors in step 2:

3. node-gyp

In case you get errors from node-gyp, especially for Argon2 or webrtc

3.1 node-gyp on Windows

open a Command Prompt with Administrator rights

cd C:\Path\To\Node-WebDollar\
npm install --global --production windows-build-tools
npm install

3.2 Error for updating to 1.3.21

Tutorial based on ranisalt/node-argon2#29

Install node v16 via nvm nvm install 16 nvm use 16 nvm use default 16

4. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate

WebDollar uses SSL (Secured Socket Layer) and in order to generate your SSL Certificate you need a Domain or to generate your own SSL Certificate for your IP

4.1. No-IP solution for Free Domain

This is required to get a SSL certificate. If you already have a domain, skip this step.

Follow the tutorial: Install No-Ip using

4.2. Generate your SSL certificate

Port 80 must not be in use prior to running LetsEncrypt SSL generator!

Inside Node-WebDollar folder, run:

sudo bash

Firewall acceptable


sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 80 -j ACCEPT
sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 443 -j ACCEPT

If you are under a router/firewall, you need to port forward the port used by the Nodes: 80,443 or whatever port they use.

5. Console commands

5.1 Run terminal interactive menu

npm run commands

5.2 Run terminal non-interactive menu

After building the terminal project

npm run build_terminal_menu
npm run build_terminal_worker

it is possible to run the terminal project as a non-interactive script:

node --max_old_space_size=10240 dist_bundle/terminal-menu-bundle.js -- --import-address wallet.json --list-addresses --mining-address 0 --mine-in-pool

the first part of the command (node --max_old_space_size=10240 dist_bundle/terminal-menu-bundle.js) launches the terminal project.

The next portion of the command (--) starts it in non-interactive mode. Without --, the terminal menu defaults to interactive.

The next parts are the commands to run in order.

Alternatively, you can use the ./webd command in the root of this project. The cli must be built first. ./webd assumes non-interactive, so -- can be omitted from the command. To run interactively npm run commands works best.

./webd --import-address wallet.json --list-addresses --mining-address 0 --mine-in-pool --set-password 'my 12 word password'

To display the list of commands, run:

./webd (-h|--help)

5.3 Running Full Node

Install pm2.

npm install pm2 -g --unsafe-perm

Run pm2:

chmod +x

or bash

To kill pm2 process, use pm2 stop id- get id by running pm2 list

Windows ???

5.2 Run Mocha Tests (optional)

npm run test

5.3 Missing Packages or Errors

Obs. In case there you get an error message about some missing packages like the following one:

Error: Cannot find module 'name_missing_package'

just, run npm install name_missing_package

5.4 Building Dist for Browser (webpack)

npm run build_browser

5.5 Building Dist for Browser TEST (dist_bundle/browser/browser.html)

npm run test_browser

5.6 Building Dist for User-Interface

npm run build_browser_user_interface

open web page dist_bundle/browser/browser.html

5.7 Running Server in Node.js

npm run commands
npm run start

5.8 PM2 to run the Node run indefinitely

Follow the tutorial: PM2 to run the Node Indefinitely

Development Environment


It is possible to run the development environment in a docker container. This is useful if you are unable to configure and install the custom argon2 flavor required by this project. The docker container has this project set up to be built in it, and comes pre-installed with the tools you need for this project.


Run docker-compose build to build the workspace container.

To force a rebuild, you can either remove the previous workspace (docker rm webdollar-dev-env) or you can run docker-compose build --no-cache.


Once you've build the workspace container, simply run it to launch an interactive shell with all the tools you need to develop.

docker-compose run webdollar-dev-env

This entire folder is mounted into the container, so any files you change in the workspace will be available to the container immediately.

To do:

  1. Pool Mining
  2. Multi-sig with Schnorr Signatures

Resources to learn

7 Ethereum

Mining Bitcoin


Join WebDollar community