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  • Parse collection of events and generate notifications for any events matching the requested schedule. This is an incubator project for ideas/code that may be used for the event-reminders project.

    Python 1 GPL-2.0 Updated Apr 4, 2019
  • A script that is intended to be run periodically on a GNU/Linux box to report any new updates since the last report. Previously reported updates are saved to a local SQLite db for (relatively) easy review.

    Shell 1 GPL-2.0 Updated Nov 11, 2018
  • Query MySQL database and mirror relevant tables to a local SQLite database.

    Python 1 GPL-2.0 Updated Aug 8, 2018
  • Development environment for mysql2sqlite work

    Python 1 GPL-2.0 Updated Aug 8, 2018
  • Development environment for automated-tickets work

    PLpgSQL 1 GPL-2.0 Updated Jul 19, 2018
  • Overview from the original homepage: Synclosure is a RSS aggregator to flexibly download files in enclosures. It supports filter keywords, custom actions and a caching mechanism.

    Python 1 GPL-2.0 Updated Jan 22, 2018
  • A Python script that parses various sites to build email announcements of the deals found

    Python 1 GPL-2.0 Updated Jan 21, 2018
  • Send reminders for events. The goal is to support upcoming, current and recently passed dates and times.

    1 GPL-2.0 Updated Dec 2, 2017

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