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What are the most popular libraries in the RxJS ecosystem?
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What are the most popular libraries in the RxJS ecosystem?

Name Description Stars
Reactive-Extensions/RxJS The Reactive Extensions for JavaScript 19729
Nozbe/WatermelonDB 🍉 Reactive & asynchronous database for powerful React and React Native apps ⚡️ 6109
vuejs/vue-rx 👁️ RxJS integration for Vue.js. 2689
xgrommx/rx-book null 1595
moroshko/rxviz Rx Visualizer - Animated playground for Rx Observables 1188
acdlite/redux-rx RxJS utilities for Redux. 1013
Reactive-Extensions/rx.angular.js AngularJS Bindings for RxJS 842
fdecampredon/rx-react ReactJS bindings for RxJS 618
Reactive-Extensions/RxJS-DOM HTML DOM Bindings for the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript 434
frintjs/frint Modular JavaScript framework for building scalable and reactive applications 433
jas-chen/rx-redux A reimplementation of redux using RxJS. 403
recyclejs/recycle Convert functional/reactive object description using RxJS into React component 374
Reactive-Extensions/RxJSKoans RxJS Koans 369
fdecampredon/react-rxjs-todomvc TodoMVC implementation with React and RxJS 344
staltz/rxjs-training (From 2015) RxJS Workshop exercises for MLOC.js 306
kitten/fluorine [UNMAINTAINED] Reactive state and side effect management for React using a single stream of actions 291
ais-one/vue-crud-x Vue+Express Cookbook & CRUD Component 285
thalesmello/exploring-async An essay exploring different async techniques in JavaScript. 280
hstarorg/HstarDoc My blogs write with markdown. 263
staltz/toy-rx A tiny implementation of RxJS that actually works, for learning 262
coderplanets/coderplanets_web the most sexiest community for developers, build with React, Mobx/MST, GraphQL, Styled-Components, Rxjs, Ramda ... and ❤️ 262
mocheng/dissecting-rxjs 《深入浅出RxJS》代码库 261
fdecampredon/rx-flux The Flux architecture with RxJS 252
just4fun/stuhome 📱 An iOS client for written in react-native, redux and redux-observable. 232
Reactive-Extensions/rx-node RxJS Bindings for Node.js and io.js 222
johnlindquist/react-streams null 210
Reactive-Extensions/rxjs-jquery Reactive Extensions bindings for jQuery 207
xripcsu/rxjs-watcher null 204
MichalZalecki/connect-rxjs-to-react Connect rxjs to React component in Redux style... but without dispatch and constants. 193
Shyam-Chen/Express-Starter 🚚 A boilerplate for Node.js, Express, Mongoose, Heroku, mLab, Nodemon, PM2, and Babel. REST / GraphQL API Server PaaS
ericelliott/irecord An immutable store that exposes an RxJS observable. Great for React. 190
Cmdv/React-RxJS React + RxJs + React-Router + Webpack + babel and soon more 165
vuejs/vuex-observable Consume Vuex actions as Observables using RxJS 5 157
Trakkasure/mikronode Mikrotik API for Node 149
yalishizhude/RxWX 用于微信小程序的RxJS,将微信API函数全部RxJS化,封装成Observable对象,支持wepy,RxJS for weixin miniprogram 141
joshburgess/redux-most Most.js based middleware for Redux. Handle async actions with monadic streams & reactive programming. 137
kitten/rxjs-diagrams React Components for visualising RxJS observables and operators 125
rxmqjs/rxmq.js JavaScript pub/sub library based on RxJS 124
bradtraversy/rxjs_boiler Boilerplate for building RxJS applications with Webpack and Babel 119
christianalfoni/rxjs-react-component A component allowing you to change state using observables 116
salsita/redux-saga-rxjs RxJS implementation of Saga pattern for redux 113
funcool/beicon Reactive Streams for ClojureScript 112
mattpodwysocki/RxJSKoans The Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (RxJS) Koans 110
justinwoo/react-rxjs-flow a simple react application using RxJS for data flow 104
soup-js/omnistream Stream based state management for React built on RxJs 102
eliseumds/react-autocomplete Just tasting some ReactJS + RxJS 100
shiftyp/redurx Redux'ish Functional State Management using RxJS 99
RxJSInAction/rxjs-in-action Code sample repository 96
benlesh/RxSocketSubject A more advanced web socket wrapper for RxJS 95
bsideup/rx-connect Glue your state and pure React components with RxJS 89
mohandere/cra-boilerplate Up to date: This project is an Create React App - v2.1.1 boilerplate with integration of Redux, React Router, Redux thunk & Reactstrap(Bootstrap v4) 88
gilbarbara/react-redux-observables-boilerplate Starter kit for React with Router, Redux, Observable + RxJS 86
acdlite/react-rx-component Yet another RxJS library for React :) Create container components (also known as smart components) by transforming a sequence of props 85
gcanti/tom Elmish type-safe state and side effect manager using RxJS 83
BerndWessels/preact-redux-isomorphic preact-redux-isomorphic PWA SPA SSR best practices and libraries in under 80kB page size (for live demo click the link below) 82
mcoetzee/udeo RxJS based state streams 81
ryardley/rxjs-as-redux A simple proof of concept Redux style framework only using Rx 78
madeagency/reactivity A Bleeding Edge React Universal Boilerplate for Power Users. 78
bahmutov/node-rx-cycle Example using RxJS and Cycle.js on the server to handle requests (NOT server-side rendering) 76
DxCx/graphql-rxjs fork of Graphql which adds Observable support 75
boosterfuels/monogram Aspect-oriented layer on top of the MongoDB Node.js driver 74
milankinen/ffux [NOT MAINTAINED] Functional Reactive Flux for RxJS and Bacon.js 73
van100j/tibot TiBot — The Date and Time Bot 73
ivan-kleshnin/reactive-polyglot FRP libraries / langs compared 72
codesuki/reactive-flux Fluxish model implemented with RxJS 71
Reactive-Extensions/rxjs-node Reactive Extensions bindings for node.js 71
staven630/blog 旧书常读出新意,俗见尽弃作雅人! 70
ecmadao/rxjs-example A quick start for RxJS usage 69
Alex-ray/docker-postgres-react-redux-graphql-hmr-ssr-kit Production ready full stack starter kit. Featuring: Docker, Node, Postgres, Sequelize, React, Redux, GraphQL, RXjs, Webpack 3, Hot Module Reloading, Server Side Rendering and Code Splitting. 67
Amin52J/React-Redux-Enterprise A React-Redux boilerplate for enterprise/large scaled web applications 67
dacz/rxr Maintains state for React app with RxJS the Redux way 63
Widdershin/rxjs-ecosystem What are the most popular libraries in the RxJS ecosystem? 59
janryWang/react-eva Effects+View+Actions(React distributed state management solution with rxjs.) 58
staltz/rxtween A library for creating RxJS Observables related to animation 57
chicoxyzzy/rx-mobx [DEPRECATED] Convert MobX observables to RxJS and vice-versa 57
taichi/js-boilerplate Modern JavaScript Application Boilerplate 57
benlesh/RxEmber RxJS and EmberJS integration helpers 54
oh-my-c0de/oh-my-fullstack 🚀 Full stack web application skeleton (Next.js, Redux, RxJS, Immutable, Express) 54
cvuorinen/angular1-async-filter Angular2 async pipe implemented as Angular 1 filter to handle promises & RxJS observables 54
jorgeucano/30DiasConRxJS 53
luigiplr/react-router-redux-rxjs-code-splitting An example React Redux app using React Router & RxJS for route management & chunk loading respectively. 53
joelhooks/react-rxjs-angular-di-todomvc Combines the forces of these powerful tools to create a todo list. 52
herculesJS/herculex Predictable state container for alipay mini-program inspired by vuex, redux, immutableJS,elm,rxjs 50
Lucifier129/rxjs-react make your react-component become reactive with rxjs 49
rxjs-playground/ Rx.js playground 49
zxbodya/reactive-widgets Application starter template, for implementing isomorphic widgets, using RxJS and React 49
yamalight/rxstate Simple opinionated state management library based on RxJS 47
joshburgess/inferno-most-fp-demo A demo for the ReactJS Tampa Bay meetup showing how to build a React+Redux-like architecture from scratch using Inferno, Most.js, reactive programmning, and various functional programming tools & techniques 45
annatomka/rxjs-examples In this repository you can find some RxJS examples that I made while I'm learning it. 41
neurosity/eeg-pipes Pipeable RxJS operators for working with EEG data in Node and the Browser 41
Lorti/rxjs-breakout RxJS Breakout 40
raimohanska/worzone Game programming experiment with Bacon.js (no more RxJs) 40
panacloud/learn-typed-rxjs Learn Reactive Programming with RxJS 5 and TypeScript in Baby Steps 40
trxcllnt/rxjs-easing Robert Penner's easing functions as Observables. 40
HiJesse/Demeter Nodejs/ES6/Rxjs/MySQL/Express/Webpack/React/Redux/AntD 39
topheman/rxjs-experiments Playing with RxJS 39
BerkeleyTrue/react-redux-epic null 39
JayKan/RxJS-Playground A list of real world RxJS examples to enhance your RxJS learning adventure 37
langhuihui/rx4rx A standard for creating reactive program library faster and more lightweight than rxjs 37
Lokeh/observe-component A library for accessing React component events as reactive observables 36

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