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WE Logo

WE Sensor libraries for Arduino

Würth Elektronik offers a range of sensors including temperature, pressure, humidity and acceleration sensor. In order to enable quick prototyping and evaluation of these sensors, Würth Elektronik offers libraries for the Arduino platform. Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software ideal for rapid prototyping. The sensor evaluation boards, the Arduino shield and these libraries provide all the tools necessary to get started with your application.


WE sensor evaluation boards

The evaluation boards for sensors provide a versatile hardware platform to enable easy verification of sensors. The sensor evaluation board can be used in multiple configurations,

WE Sensors shield for Arduino

The WE sensor shield acts as an adapter board for connecting WE sensor evaluation boards to Arduino UNO/DUE. It is a versatile hardware platform that offers I2C and SPI interfaces at 3.3 V and 5 V signal levels. Additionally, this board can be extended to have a wireless connectivity module from Würth Elektronik (Thyone-I/Proteus-III).

Arduino shield

Sensor libraries for the Arduino platform

This repository contains the source code for all the sensor libraries from Würth Elektronik. Each library is placed under the folder with WSEN-XXXX where XXXX corresponds to the sensor type.

Match code Sensor type
WSEN-TIDS Temperature sensor
WSEN PADS Absolute pressure sensor
WSEN-HIDS Humidity sensor
WSEN-ITDS Acceleration sensor
WSEN-PDUS Differential pressure sensor

Each of these folders contain two sub folders

  • Src - This folder contains the source code for the sensor library and all the necessary drivers

  • Examples - This folder contains sample code for using the library.

Importing the WE sensor library into Arduino IDE

  1. Download this repository. Unzip the package to desired location.

  2. Open the Arduino IDE.

  3. As shown in the image below, navigate to Sketch > Include Library > Add .ZIP Library. in the Arduino IDE. Select the option to "Add .ZIP Library". Select the sensor library package of interest from libraries folder and import it to the workspace.


  1. On successful import, on the Sketch > Include Library menu menu, you should see, as shown in the image bellow, the added libraries at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

libraryView Now, the libraries are ready to be used in your sketch.

Running the example code

After adding the needed library to the sketch, you are able now to run one sensor example and get the corresponding Output Values.
The examples can be found under File>Examples>Example from custom libraries

  1. Open the example of interest by browsing to File>Examples>Example from custom libraries


  1. Select the correct COM and programming port for the Arduino.


  1. Compile and upload the example selected.


  1. The output can be viewed on the serial monitor.