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CPU-X is a Free software that gathers information on CPU, motherboard and more.
CPU-X is similar to CPU-Z (Windows), but CPU-X is a Free and Open Source software designed for GNU/Linux; also, it works on *BSD.
This software is written in C and built with CMake tool.
It can be used in graphical mode by using GTK or in text-based mode by using NCurses. A dump mode is present from command line.

Table of contents


Build-only dependencies

These dependencies are needed to build CPU-X:

Build and run dependencies

These dependencies are needed to build¹ and run CPU-X:


Download packages

You can download binary packages to easily install CPU-X on your system. A lot of distributions are supported, see the download section or the wiki page about GNU/Linux packages.

Manual build

For step-by-step guide, you can see this wiki page.
If you need to disable some parts of CPU-X, you can read this page.

To build and install CPU-X on your system, do (in CPU-X directory) :

$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make
# make install

By default, CPU-X will be installed in /usr/local. If you want to change it, add option cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<absolute_path> .. on CMake invocation.

Portable version

CPU-X is available in a portable version (Linux 32/64-bit, FreeBSD 32/64-bit), like CPU-Z.
You can find the lastest release here.
The CPU-X_vx.x.x_portable.tar.gz tarball requires GTK is installed on your system.
The CPU-X_vx.x.x_portable_noGTK.tar.gz tarball requires to start CPU-X from a terminal.

After downloading tarball, you need to extract his content to be able to run CPU-X portable. Check if binary has executable bit set.
You can use this portable version on a lot of system, so you can leave a binary on a USB stick for instance.


Start program with root privileges allows CPU-X to access some special devices, minimizing empty labels count.
Application is put in the desktop menus, in System Tools category: entry CPU-X run CPU-X as regular user, and entry CPU-X (Root) grant root privileges.
Else, you can use command cpu-x, or double-click on cpu-x binary is also possible (if program won't start, check if file has executable bit set).
If GTK and NCurses are supported, you can start CPU-X in NCurses mode by taping in a shell (as root) cpu-x --ncurses.
Use cpu-x --help for other commands and help.


You can find screenshots in gallery.


You want to have CPU-X in a foreign language but no translation exists? See this wiki page.
Or you want to contribute to CPU-X? In the top-right corner of the page, click on the Fork button.


Refer to the dedicated FAQ page.

Bugs/Improvements/Request features

Please open a new issue and fill template. You can remove italic text.


Official webpage made by GitHub Pages.
Official wiki, still on GitHub.