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Miscellaneous music library tools for Windows, including ZetaTag Auto-Renamer, Song Length Finder, and Genre Playlist Builder. These programs were originally available at and were downloaded over 40,000 times before being open-sourced.

The ZetaTag Auto-Renamer analyzes your music collection and renames files to the "One True Format" based on their tag information.

ZetaTag Auto-Renamer Builder Screenshot

The Song Length Finder lets you find songs in your music collection that are of a specific length, or within a range of lengths.

Song Length Finder Screenshot

The Genre Playlist Builder lets you build playlists based on the genre of items in your music collection.

Genre Playlist Builder Screenshot

Windows installers are available in the installer directory:

All three of these applications use Taglib-Sharp, which can be found here:

The Taglib# version these applications was built with ( is not the most current version, but it is included in this repository because it is what they were built and tested with.

Development Status

These applications were originally written using C#. I'm in the process of porting the application to C++, wxWidgets, and Tagib in order to make it run on multiple.

In addition, I'm working on unifying the three applications into a single app that does everything the original programs did (and maybe more).

For now, you won't be able to do anything useful with the source code, so just install the invididual apps.


Miscellaneous music library tools, including ZetaTag Auto-Renamer, Song Length Finder, and Genre Playlist Builder.




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