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A sophisticated soft-synth originally forked from ZynAddSubFX V2.4.0 in 2009 by Alan Calvert, and still in continuous development - This is also mirrored at : Current news is at : Our email discussion list is: and here is our web…
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In brief:

One instantly noticeable feature is a new 'Pan Law' entry in the main window.

There is a new channel based setting for Solo.

Another quite new development is both Channel and Key aftertouch.

Legato performance has been improved and made smoother.

There is a new waveform shape available to AddSynth and PadSynth.

Storing and recovery of GUI window positioning has been improved.

Instrument banks have also had a workover with added proctections.

The underlying code continues to be refined and improved.

More details are in /doc/Yoshimi_1.7.1_features.txt

Yoshimi source code is available from either:

Full build instructions are in 'INSTALL'.

Our list archive is at:
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