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In line with Quaver, Warden will be shifting its focus to smaller communities.

As such, data will be stored using JSON and no MySQL databases are required.

Using Warden

Warden only allows slash commands for now. It will support components such as buttons in the near future.

Hosting Warden

Hosting Warden is fairly simple. Make a copy of settings.example.json, edit the fields as necessary and rename it to settings.json.

You are required to host your own instance of Lavalink and specify the connection details in settings.json. This is mandatory for text-to-speech to work.

You are not required to specify MySQL connection details as Warden will use JSON for guild data.


  • Node.js v16.0.0 (or higher)
  • npm (should come with Node.js)
  • Lavalink (latest release)
  • Bot token from Discord

Starting Warden for the first time

In a Terminal, Command Prompt, Shell or however you access node, run npm i to install packages required to run Warden.

Then, run node deploy-commands.js after you've configured your settings.json in order to register your commands on Discord.

Once that's done, run node main.js to start the bot. This will be the only command you execute whenever you want to start Warden from now on.


Where did all the moderation features go? Isn't this a moderation bot as well?

It'll be back soon. Text-to-speech is the current priority.

Can you add x feature to Warden?

Yes, if it is meaningful. Submit an issue here and I'll take a look.


Feel free to create a PR. If it's a meaningful addition, I'll merge it.