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aaPanel is the International version for BAOTA panel( There have millions servers had installed BAOTA panel since 2014 in China. aaPanel, a simple but powerful control panel, can manage the web server through web-based GUI(Graphical User Interface). aaPanel provides the one-click function such as one-click install LNMP/LAMP developing environment and software. Our main goal is helping users to save the time of deploying, thus users just focus on their own project that is fine.


The founding R & D team of BaoTa has 5 people, all of whom have 5 to 10 years of experience in idc related industries.

When everyone discusses together and works in the schedule or their own use, they find that there is no such thing in the field of servers.

The company specializes in developing relevant software for ordinary users, especially those who do not know much about technology.

We found that for many users, operating the server is not easy, it is necessary to consult others, take time to search for answers, and even pay for simple questions.

There will be many pits involved in the cost. Some auxiliary software itself is more difficult than using the server.

Even this kind of painful point is itchiness. With the development of cloud servers, the number of server users has increased by several orders of magnitude.

The preparatory work for the establishment of the pagoda began at the end of 2014, and began to develop and test software in the first half of 2015.

At this stage, the pagoda brand was officially launched in 2016 and was used as the official website.

In 2017, BaoTa tried to enter the overseas market, but because the number of people could not keep up, he decided to temporarily abandon the overseas market and focus on China.

In 2019, due to the gradual growth of BaoTa users, which has become the hosting control panel used by the most webmasters in China, it is decided to enter the overseas market and develop related plug-ins that are suitable for foreign friends__

What can it do:

aaPanel is a server management software that supports the Linux system.

It can easily manage the server through the Web terminal, improving the operation and maintenance efficiency.

For example:

create and manage websites, FTP, and databases, with visual file manager, visual software manager, visual CPU, memory, flow monitoring chart, scheduled tasks and other functions.

aaPanel has extremely fast and convenient one-key configuration and management, one-click configuration of server environment (LAMP / LNMP / Tomcat / Node.js /OpenLiteSpeed), one-click deployment of SSL, remote backup;

provide SSH open and close services, SSH port changes, ping prohibited , Firewall port release and operation log viewing; CPU, memory, disk IO, network IO data monitoring, you can set the number of days to record and save and view the data of a certain day;

scheduled tasks can be added and executed periodically, support SHELL script, provide website, database backup And log cutting, and support one-click backup to another cloud storage space, or other cloud storage space; through the web interface, you can easily manage the server software used for installation, as well as practical extension plug-ins;

convenient and efficient file manager integration , Support uploading, downloading, packaging, decompression and file editing and viewing.

Over 2,100,000 servers have installed aaPanel in Asia



WebSite Manager:


FTP Manager


DataBase Manager


File Manager


Cron Manager








Online editor


Share files with your friends


Send link password or QR code to your friends


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User Manual

Home Page:
Forum Page:
Bug submission:

Installation command:

yum install -y wget && wget -O && bash 66959f96
wget -O && sudo bash 66959f96