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Before starting

Please start by reading the README.

Imaging support requires installation of both core Loris and Loris-MRI codebases (see below, and Imaging Database Setup page).

The most recent release may be found on our Releases GitHub page.

Note for developers: We do not support the unstable pre-release development branch.

Installation, Setup and Configuration

Follow these steps to install and set up your LORIS:

  1. Installing Loris (basic functionality)
  2. Project Customization
  3. Behavioural Database
  4. Imaging Database
  5. LORIS Modules
  6. Data Querying Tool
  7. Backups
  8. Security: Enabling SSL
  9. Enable Mail Server

Updating your LORIS

To upgrade your Loris release codebase to a newer release, see : Updating your Loris

Useful Resources

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